What Happens If A Tesla Goes Into Water? (Detailed Answer)

If you are driving in your Tesla with heavy rain or in submerged conditions the first question that arises in your mind would be what exactly happens to your Tesla if it is stuck in water? Tesla does not recommend you drive your car over water. You may pose a high risk because your car can experience severe damage.

Here in this article, I will provide you with a detailed guide to the damage your Tesla may experience along with some precautionary measures.

What happens when your Tesla Goes in Water?

Many issues will arise for your Tesla that is submerged in water. But the amount of harm done by water depends upon the duration your Tesla was submerged and the depth of your car.

There are high chances of electrocution for you if you come in contact with the water while driving your Tesla. Below we stated an overview of typical issues you may face when your Tesla goes in water.

The following are some issues that you may encounter with your wet Tesla vehicle:

1) Damage to the Electrical Parts

While driving in the highly flooded area your Tesla electronic circuit boards and wiring harnesses can corrode. Maybe at the spot, you can escape from this damage, but the lifespan of your electrical parts is significantly reduced.

Modern electronic cars including Tesla contain high-voltage wires that can easily cause electrical hazards if they get into exposure to water. 

To lessen the risk, you should adopt the following steps:

●      While driving in flood water pay high attention. Because there are high chances of water leakage in your car. 

●      Carefully read Tesla’s instructions on how to drive in shallow water.

●      If you feel any damage or high-voltage issue immediately fix it.

2) Short Circuit

Whenever you encounter submerged water conditions, a short circuit in your Tesla battery is observed. A short circuit may cause the cell to release energy and heat up. Tesla contains waterproof batteries and components but still water conditions are dangerous for your Tesla vehicle.

Most importantly salt water is more smg nousceptible to your battery short circuits. Your Tesla battery may show the following signs of a short circuit:

●      If you observe smoke emanating from your Tesla.

●      If you listen to any whistling or hissing sounds.

●      If you see any type of flames coming from the lower part of your Tesla.

3) Damage Battery Pack

When you drive your Tesla vehicle through flooded areas the battery pack and other components of your Tesla vehicle may be harmed. To ensure your safety you must follow the following points:

●      Firstly, verify the water’s depth.

●      Avoid driving your Tesla vehicle through deeper water.

●      Submerged areas contain debris that could harm the Tesla vehicle battery pack. Be aware of any type of dirt or debris too.

●      Try to save your battery pack from water by moving slowly through the water while driving.

What should we do to avoid problems in the future?

Your Tesla vehicle when goes into water causes numerous issues. That’s why it’s very necessary to pay attention to your Tesla vehicle if you encounter submerged conditions. You should contact Tesla for regular servicing and repair to keep your vehicle in excellent condition for operations. Following are some recommendations for you:

When water passes the bottom of your Tesla wheel you should avoid driving. Deeper water affects the performance and safety of your Tesla vehicles.

  1. If you drive your Tesla vehicle slowly there are fewer chances that water will crash into the engine. Keeping the speed as low as possible lowers the chances of flooding.
  2. Keep an eye out for any particles, road imperfections, or other dangers that the water may have covered.
  3. While buying a Tesla vehicle carefully check if it is damaged from water or not. For this purpose, you should contact the dealers and inquire about the vehicle service history. Carefully check the electrical wiring of each system. Go to a drive and keep an ear out for anything odd.

Final thoughts

So far, we have covered all the possible problems that would happen when your Tesla goes into the water. In this article, the safety measures are also deliberated in detail. The preventive measures include:

  1. Slowly drive your Tesla vehicle in submerged condition.
  2. Follow Tesla’s instructions for traveling in wet areas.
  3. Try to save your battery pack.
  4. Do not touch any cable that is broken.
  5. Connect Tesla customer support service.

We have already discussed all these points in detail. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need some additional information related to this topic. We will be glad to help you.

Can you drive your Tesla vehicle in a flooded area?

Driving your Tesla vehicle through a flooded area is not advised, because it could become quite dangerous. The water may harm the vehicle’s electrical system.

Is it safe to charge your Tesla vehicle in a flooded area?

If your Tesla vehicle itself wasn’t affected by water, then yes, it is safe for you to charge. But you should not use the charging station that is flooded with water.

Can you get electrocuted in your Tesla vehicle in submerged conditions?

Yes, there is a possibility of electrocution in your Tesla vehicle when your car goes into the water. To avoid you must know how to operate a Tesla vehicle battery.

Which model of Tesla works better in water?

The Tesla Model S Plaid with the added weight proved to work better in water.

Can your Tesla be repaired after being flooded?

It is very problematic to fix your Tesla vehicle. But in flooded conditions, insurance companies overlook your Tesla vehicle without further inquiry. Secondly, make sure that the mechanic has enough knowledge about repairing submerged Tesla vehicles.

Can you buy a Tesla which is damaged by water?

People are still debating whether to buy water-damaged Tesla vehicles or not. It would be a challenge for you to buy a damaged car especially when they are flooded. When purchasing a damaged vehicle your luck matters the most. If you still want to purchase a damaged Tesla car, check it properly to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

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