Tesla White Or Black Interior (Explained)

If you have decided to buy a Tesla for yourself or someone else, you would be wondering which color I should choose. Black or white. Well, you are in the right place.

We will discuss all the pros and cons and other details you need to know before choosing the interior color for your Tesla.

First of all, you should know that you should choose the interior on your personal preference and according to your lifestyle. 

The white interior of your Tesla will provide a modern and spacious look but is difficult to keep clean. The black interior provides a sleek and sophisticated appearance but can absorb heat. 

So choose the interior according to your daily habits and lifestyle.

Now I am going to provide you with an in-depth comparison between Tesla’s white interior and Tesla’s black interior. So that you can easily choose your Tesla’s interior.

Let’s get started…

Tesla White or Black Interior Comparison

Here is a comparison between Tesla’s black interior and white interior. I am going to discuss all the factors of Tesla’s white interior and black interior in this table.

FactorsWhite interiorBlack interior
AestheticModern, sleek, and spaciousClassic, sleek, and traditional  
Durability Shows dirt and stains easilyShows dust and scratches easily
MaintenanceIt needs to be cleaned frequentlyDon’t require frequent cleaning
Heat retentionStays cool in hot weatherStays hot in cold weather
ComfortMore comfortable in hot weatherMore comfortable in cold weather
LightingReflects light more making it look brighter and more spaciousAbsorbs light making it look darker and more intimate
ClimateCooler in hot weatherHotter in cold weather
CostA little bit higher than black because it is an optional updateThis color is standard so it costs low than the white interior
Resale value        May have low resale value because it is considered trendy and modern                May have high resale value because aftermarket products are available
CustomizabilityHard to find aftermarket productsAftermarket products are available
Perceived valueLuxury and premiumDurability and practicality
Tesla White or Black Interior Comparison

Now I am going to explain some of these factors that will provide information and will resolve your problem of Tesla’s white vs black interior. These factors include styleComfort, Dirt and maintenance, DurabilityHeat absorption, wearing after a few years, Price, and Resale value.

1. The style

Except for personal preference, style is one of the important factors in which the decision of choosing black interior or white interior relays.

Both of the interiors are designed to be sleek and beautiful. However, a lot of people say the White interior looks better. It looks more spacious and brightens the inside.

It would be a good choice if you are wondering to tint out all of your Tesla windows. It will not feel too much dark from the inside.

While the black interior does not feel that much spacious and brighter.

2. Comfort

Tesla uses the same kind of material in both white and black interiors. But on some forums, some Tesla owners have argued that the white seats are more soft and comfortable. White interior or seat gives you a more welcoming feel.

This could be because the Tesla with white interior makes the car feel more sleek and airy, making them feel more comfortable. Or maybe Tesla makes the seats more comfortable because they charge extra money for the white interior.

3. Dirt and maintenance

All the parts of your Tesla are needed to be cleaned after some time for their durability and long life. But in the case of the white or black interior, you need to clean the white interior more often than the black interior.

The white interior gets stains with more ease than the black interior. The stains and dirt are more prominent in the white surface but these stains on your Tesla seats or dashboard are very easy to clean as well. You can just clean your white interior with simple interior cleaners.

The black interior also gets dirty and requires cleaning but not like the white interior. It is just because it is difficult to see dirt on a black surface.

Overall in maintaining the interior, white interior is more demanding than black.

4. Durability

The durability of both interiors is the same. Both interiors last as long as each other. They don’t rip out easily but when it comes to stains and kids’ and pet-proofing, the black interior is more durable. The white gets stains very easily and it is difficult to maintain if you have kids or pets.

5. Heat absorption

The absorption of heat by your Tesla interior affects the comfort that the seats provide you.

The white seats or interior of your Tesla don’t get as hot as the black ones. The white color is a good reflector of heat and light and it doesn’t absorb the heat or light which keeps it cool even on a hot sunny day.

But on the other hand, the black interior of your Tesla absorbs heat and makes it hotter, and ruins the comfort that your Tesla’s vegan leather seats provide you.

But in winter the situation is different. The white interior becomes colder or more chill than the black one. Because the Black interior absorbs the heat and keeps the interior warmer than the white interior.

6. Wearing after a few yours

Another thing that you must consider before choosing the interior color is the wearing of color which you will notice after using the Tesla for a year or more.

The wear of color is more prominent on the white color interior than on the black one. Many people have complained that their white interior has darkened from the seats where the seat belts rub. The simple cleaning tips were unable to remove these dark stains from the back of seat belts.

But in Tesla’s black interior, the interior color doesn’t get stains like these but the black color starts to fade out with time. But it takes more time to fade the color than to get stains.

7. Price

As the white interior is an optional upgrade, you will have to pay an extra $1000 to get this for your Tesla. While black color is the standard color option. You will not be paying a penny extra for this.

The white interior provides your white leather seats, black and white door trim, and a black central arrest. That is why it is also called a “black and white” interior.

8. Resale value

The resale value of a Tesla with a specific interior color is an important factor that you must consider before choosing the interior color for your Tesla.

The resale value of a Tesla with a black interior is more than a Tesla with a white interior. The resale value of black interior is more because it is more popular and desirable in the market because it is considered more classic and timeless than white.

The resale value of a Tesla with a white interior may be lowered because of the stains on it and the difficulty to keep it clean. Another reason is that the White interior is considered trendy and modern.

Similarities between Tesla’s white and black interior

As we have discussed all the differences between the Tesla white interior and the Tesla black interior, we should also talk about the similarities between them.

1. Material

The material that is used in both the white and black interior of Tesla are the same.

Tesla uses premium materials such as synthetic leather and microfiber suede for the seats, dashboard, and door panels in your Tesla.

2. Features

The features that Tesla provides to their customers are the same in both white and black interiors.

The same amenities, including a large touchscreen ambient lighting and a high-end music system, are the same in both the white and black interior.

3. Technology

The same kind of technology is used in both white and black interiors.

These technologies include an Autopilot system, and a wireless updating system are a few examples of technologies that are used in both Tesla having white or black interior color.

4. Safety

The level of safety in both vehicles is the same. Tesla provides the same safety features in the Tesla with a black interior as a Tesla with a white interior.

High-tech safety systems like collision avoidance, emergency braking, and many more are present in both the white and black interiors of Tesla.

5. Customization

The customization for both white and black interior Tesla are available like seat color, trim, and accent selection.

You can customize both of the vehicles that will make you feel you are the real owner because every customization will according to your choice.

Tesla White Interiors offerings

Tesla offers the following in white interior,

  • White dashboard accent
  • White leather seats
  • The steering wheel, doors, and console are in black.

This interior is also called a black and white interior because in this some things are still in black. On the other hand, in the black interior, everything is black-themed.

Tesla Black Interior Offerings

The elements of both are the same. They offer the same options in both white and black interiors. The major change is the color between them.

Here is what Tesla Black interior offers,

  • Dashboard with wooden details
  • Black steering wheel
  • Black leather seats
  • Black center console
  • Black doors

Pros and cons of white and black interior

 Both white and black have some pros and cons also. Now I am going to describe to you the pros and cons of both interiors so that you can easily decide between black and white interiors.

White interior


  • The interior looks very unique.
  • It gives you a luxury feel.
  • It looks airy and spacious.
  • It feels more comfortable and welcoming.
  • It doesn’t show dust and light-colored dirt


  • It costs some extra money.
  • It gets dirt and stains more easily.
  • It requires more maintenance to keep it clean.

Black interior


  • It costs less than the white interior.
  • It looks classic and traditional.
  • It requires less frequent cleaning.
  • It doesn’t show dirt and stains.
  • It is durable and no dyes transfer to it.


  • Don’t give you a premium and luxurious feel.
  • Don’t feel spacious and airy.
  • Absorbs heat which is not good on a hot sunny day.

Final thoughts

So far we have discussed all the aspects of Tesla’s white vs black interior. We have discussed all the differences and similarities between the white and black interior.

By reading these you will be able to decide what you need according to your lifestyle and daily habits.

We have also discussed the pros and cons of both which will also help you to decide the interior color for your Tesla.

We have also discussed some questions that you might have in your mind. If you know anything regarding this topic, you can share it with us. Feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Does the white interior of Tesla get dirty?

Yes, the white interior of Tesla gets dirty with time, especially when it is used on a daily basis. You need to frequently clean it if you want to keep your Tesla clean.

Is Tesla with a black interior hot?

Yes, a Tesla with a black interior is hot. On winter days, it keeps your car warm but on a hot sunny day, it is not good.

Is it hard to maintain a white interior Tesla?

Yes, it is difficult to maintain a white interior Tesla. It requires frequent cleaning with a soft cloth moistened with water and non-detergent soap.

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