Tesla Voice Commands Not Working (6 Ways To Fix)

Suppose you are driving in your Tesla in heavy traffic, and the voice commands fail to function. You have to give all commands manually. Are you bothered by it? Yes, of course. 

Tesla voice commands also provide us with problems of this nature. We, therefore, conducted thorough research to identify the possible reasons and their solutions.

In this article, we will describe to you many causes of Tesla’s voice commands not functioning, as well as their potential fixes.

What are Tesla Voice commands?

One of the best services offered by Tesla to its customers is Tesla voice commands. Voice commands in your Tesla are designed for you to control settings and preferences conveniently without using the touchscreen.

It controls most of the features of your Tesla vehicles except driving-related features.

You can use Tesla Voice commands to control several aspects of your car, such as

  • Change climate control settings
  • Navigate to a location
  • Adapt the frequency and speed of the windscreen wipers
  • Contact through phone
  • Explore with apps and settings

How to start the Tesla voice command?

If you want to start the Tesla voice command, press and hold the right scroll wheel button on the steering wheel of your Tesla car to start a voice command. Make your request when you hear a sound, and the vehicle will respond.

Why Tesla voice commands not working?

There could be several causes for Tesla’s voice commands to fail. These causes include network connection errors, Glitches in the software, Unrecognized voice command, Error in region and language setting, Incompatible apps and features, and Error in the microphone.

Now I will explain to you all the reasons and their possible fixes or solutions one by one. So, to resolve your Tesla voice command issue, you should keep reading and keep attempting.

1. Network Connection Error

A network connection error is one potential cause of your Tesla’s voice issue. Your automobile can have trouble understanding your commands if you cannot maintain a reliable internet connection.

There could be many reasons for Tesla’s network connection error. Here are some possible solutions for you to fix this problem.


1. The first solution is that you should check and fix your network connection error. Focus on these points to fix your network connection

2. Sometimes due to poor signals, your device gets disconnected. So, check the connectivity of your vehicle’s device to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

3. Ensure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection or strong signals of mobile data

4. If you are not connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, you should ensure the correct name and password in your Tesla vehicle’s settings.

5. Reset Tesla’s network setting

  • Open the setting menu, and forget all networks.
  • Reconnect by re-entering the name and password for Wi-Fi connection or cellular data

6. Try another network

Sometimes a network has signal issues So, switch to another cellular data or try a different Wi-Fi network. For this go to network settings, forget the already connected network, and reconnect to another network

7. Restart the network connection

8. Sometimes temporary issues in your network connection can be solved by Turning off your network connection and again turning it on. It will solve temporary issues in your network connection.

9. Contact Tesla customer support.

If you have tried all the above suggestions, reach out to Tesla customer care for more help and tell them that the network connection problem still remains after you’ve tried the all-mentioned fixes.

2. Glitches in the software

Compatibility problems with outdated software might lead your Tesla to voice command errors. Tesla provides you with software upgrades regularly to enhance the voice command functionality of your Tesla and optimize your vehicle performance.

Here I mention some solutions for your problem of glitches in the software


There are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem

1. Restart Touchscreen

To solve the glitches in the software

  • Go to the main menu on your Tesla’s touchscreen display
  • Select “Controls” and tap “Safety & Security
  • Now you should power off the touchscreen of your Tesla vehicle to update the setting.
  • Now turn off the car, and restart the car again after some time.

All the applied settings will be UpToDate now. Again start the voice command and check whether it starts working or not.

2. Check software updates

To update the software, you should:

  • Go to the main menu,
  • Select “Software,” and ensure that any update should not be pending.
  • If any update is available, click the download and install button to update the software.
  • Wait for the update to install.
  • Erase cache data

3. Glitches in the software can enter into cache storage which can cause problems. So,

  • Go to the main menu
  • Choose “Safety & Security
  • Then “Security”.
  • Select the cache option
  • Clear the cache storage data
  • Perform a soft reset

4. Or soft reset the software, you need to,

  • Park your vehicle and press the brake paddle.
  • Press and hold the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel simultaneously, for around 10 seconds. It will stop the car and restart it again.
  • When the car resumes, the touchscreen will go blank, and the Tesla logo will show.

Now again start the voice commands and try to use them. when the system has come back online, check whether the issue has been solved or not

3. Unrecognized voice command

The Tesla voice command system may fail to recognize your voice command, which may prevent the voice commands from operating as intended and cause this problem. Here are some ways to deal with this problem.


1. Check pronunciation

Your pronunciation should match the pronunciation in the voice command settings. So, focus on the pronunciation of your voice commands.

You should speak each word clearly and emphasize the important syllables. If it’s not working, try to pronounce another pronunciation.

2. Use correct voice commands

Sometimes you are speaking voice commands that are not present in the settings of your Tesla vehicle. Ensure that you are using the correct voice command, as mentioned in the Tesla user manual.

Every model of the Tesla vehicle has different commands. So, Try to use voice commands according to your Tesla model.

3. Sometimes background noise causes disturbance for your Tesla in understanding the voice commands. So, ensure that there is no noise in your background.

4. Pause between commands

When you quickly speak the voice commands without proper spaces or pauses. It may not understand by your Tesla. So, take a small pause after each command.

4. Error in region and language setting

Your Voice commands may not work as intended if your Tesla’s region and language settings are incorrect.

Your voice command system may have trouble comprehending and recognizing your commands if the region and language settings in your Tesla are off.

If your voice commands are not in the language that has been chosen, recognition accuracy may be affected. For example, your Tesla might not understand your commands if it is set to English, but you are speaking to it in French. Here are some solutions to the problem


1. Language setting

For setting the language of your Tesla vehicle:

  • Go to the main menu on the touchscreen
  • Now go to The Language setting.
  • Adjust the language setting according to that you can speak easily. For example, if you can speak English (United Kingdom) you should select it in the settings.
  • Now save it.

     2. Region Setting

The region where you live and drive the car affects the functionality of your voice commands system.

For setting the region:

  • Go to the region setting in the main menu of the touchscreen.
  • Adjust the region setting to a specific region that you are located in. For example, if you are living in the United Kingdom, you should set it in Tesla’s device settings.

5. Incompatible apps and features

Voice commands in your Tesla may not perform as expected if certain features and apps are incompatible and can cause the problem. It’s possible that using voice commands for some functions won’t work if an app or feature isn’t made to interact with Tesla’s voice command system.

Here are some potential solutions to address this issue


1. Check the compatibility of apps.

Sometimes you are trying to use the apps and features that are not present in Tesla’s voice command system. So, check to see if the feature or program which you’re attempting to use with voice commands is compatible with your Tesla’s voice command system.

For information on apps and features present in your Tesla’s voice command system, consult the Tesla website and the app’s documentation.

2. Use Alternatives

If the apps and features on which you are trying to use the Tesla’s voice commands are not present in the system, you should use alternatives for these apps. This can entail utilizing your Tesla touchscreen interface or your mobile app controls offered by the particular feature or app.

6. Error in microphone

The effectiveness of Tesla voice commands may be affected by microphone errors. The problem with voice command can be due to the errors in your Tesla microphone.

 Here are some ways that Tesla voice commands may be affected by microphone difficulties, along with some possible solutions.


  • If your microphone is damaged from anywhere, it will affect the functionality of your voice commands. So, try to ensure that the microphone of your Tesla is not broken and is correctly positioned
  • Sometimes due to environmental pollution, a blockage could occur in your Tesla microphone. So, ensure that no physical obstruction is present and debris is not blocking your microphone
  • For security, clean the microphone again.
  • There are options to change the microphone sensitivity in some Tesla models. Access the microphone settings and experiment with changing the sensitivity levels to see if it enhances voice input capture and lessens interference from your background noises.

Final Thoughts

We have covered all the potential causes and solutions for the issue with the Tesla Voice command not working.

In this article, the issues are discussed along with potential solutions. These causes are

  • Network connection error
  • Glitches in the software
  • Unrecognized voice command
  • Error in region and language setting
  • Incompatible apps and features
  • Errors in the microphone.

We discussed in great detail all of these and addressed any questions you might have had.

Please get in touch with us if you have information to share with us on this topic. We will be glad to hear from you.

What are the unusual Tesla voice commands?

Some of the unusual Tesla voice commands are the fart mode, romance mode, Easter egg hunt mode, etc.

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