Tesla Trade-In vs. KBB (Detailed Comparison)

When you are going to buy a new vehicle the first thing you want to do is to turn in your present set of wheels for anything new.  For purchasing or selling a second-hand car there are many trading options available for you like Tesla Trade-In or Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

In this article, I will go over possible trade-in alternatives i.e., Tesla Trade-In and Kelly Blue Book (KBB) in detail along with their comparison.

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What is Tesla Trade-In?

Tesla Trade-in program allows you to trade your vehicles for a new or used Tesla car. Tesla continues to make new strategies to draw your attention. Tesla’s trade-in program makes it easy for you to purchase a new car at a low cost.

Before starting the process, the first thing you must determine is whether your vehicle qualifies for the trade-in program or not. To verify this, you have to enter the VIN of your car on the Tesla trade-in website or in your Tesla app.

You may also have to provide some extra information such as the mileage, zip code, and pictures of the vehicle.

After reviewing all the data provided by you the Tesla Company will offer an estimate. If you are satisfied with the offer, you can accept it. Then you must upload a picture of a current registration card and vehicle title.

Offers to trade in non-Tesla automobiles are based on the state of the market and accepted practices.

What is KBB?

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is a website for shopping your cars. In the late 1920s, KBB released a real blue book that you can use to provide information on car values and prices.

For estimating the worth of your new or old vehicle, trucks, and motorbikes you can use Kelly Blue Book (KBB). It will provide you with the pricing details as well as a variety of facts on the automobile sector.

Kelley Blue Book is mostly used to determine your vehicle’s fair market value. This valuation considers the model, year, mileage, condition, and optional amenities, of your vehicle.

You can easily assess the general value of your vehicle.  Apart from dealing with the prices KBB also provides you and other experts assessments of various vehicles like their reliability, safety, and fuel economy. You can make judgments about your purchased car by reading these consumer reviews.

When you are going to buy, sell, or maintain your vehicle from KBB always try to read the manual and other information given on the internet to make your decision easy.

Kelley Blue Book also provides you with the trade-in value estimation while replacing the old vehicle with the new one. In this way, you can easily negotiate with the dealers.

Kelley Blue Book also gives you Annual awards in several categories, like Best Buy and Best Resale Value. It means that Kelly Blue Book is an invaluable tool for you if you want to purchase or sell your cars in the United States. You can make a wise choice while buying a new car or selling the old one.

Tesla Trade-In vs. KBB

1)     You can easily exchange your vehicle at a Tesla dealership more quickly and conveniently as compared to other selling options. You are free to do other sort of things like marketing your automobile, locating a new buyer for your vehicle, or dealing with paperwork.

2)     When you trade in your Tesla you often get less money. Dealerships need to turn a profit, so they frequently offer less than the going rate.

3)     The value of your vehicles offered by Kelley Blue Book depends upon several factors like their make, model, age, condition, mileage, and location. You can easily get the value of your vehicle on the open market by looking at the KBB value. However, the selling price may be different from the estimated value.

4) Many market factors affect the value of your Tesla vehicle, such as the demand for electric vehicles, the accessibility of comparable models in your area, and the state of your particular vehicle.

5)     Your Tesla’s condition is a significant component in deciding its worth. KBB is more beneficial for you and sells for more money than a trade-in if your Tesla vehicle is in great shape and has minimal mileage. On the other hand, if your vehicle is in bad shape, you should go toward the trade-in option.

6)     Trade-in your Tesla vehicle will give you tax advantages in some places. In some states, the trade-in value can be used to offset the sales tax you must pay when buying a new car. Contrary to that, if you use other trading options like KBB these tax advantages are often absent.

7)     In KBB you first have to estimate a value for your vehicle. But in case if you find the right buyer that is willing to pay extra it may allow you to receive a higher price than the estimated KBB value. But to enjoy this benefit you must be good at haggling and have the time and resources to sell your Tesla privately.

Recommendations for the Future

It’s up to you, which option you want to avail for selling or purchasing your vehicle. But your choice to sell your Tesla vehicle through Tesla trade-in or Kelley Blue Book depends on your priorities, available time, and how much you value convenience over the possibility of earning a higher price. You should compare all the advantages and disadvantages of the given trading options and then decide.

You must follow the recommendations listed below if you want to resale your vehicle by any trading option:

1)     Whether you want to sell your vehicle through Tesla Trade-in or Kelley Blue Book you have to check and maintain it regularly. If you find any problem fix it immediately. If you well-maintained your vehicle you can earn a higher price.

2)     Keep a watch on your state’s local electric vehicle market, especially if you have a keen interest in Tesla vehicles. Each market has different values due to factors like supply and demand, financial incentives from the government, and the release of new Tesla models.

3)     If you are going to trade in your Tesla vehicle you must go through many Tesla dealerships or other electric vehicle dealerships. Different dealers will give you different rates for your Tesla vehicle, if you shop around it can help you get the best bargain.

4)     To determine the worth of your Tesla, you should check the Tesla trade-in or Kelley Blue Book websites.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed all the features of the Tesla Trade-in and Kelley Blue Book (KBB) with their comparison in detail. Following are some points related to these trading options for your vehicle:

  1. Exchanging your Tesla vehicle at Tesla Trade-in is easier than KBB.
  2. Tesla Trade-in will give you less money as compared to KBB.
  3. Tesla Trade-in will give you tax advantages.
  4. If your Tesla is in good condition go towards KBB.
  5. If the condition of your Tesla vehicle is not good try selling it with Tesla Trade-in.

We went into great detail and addressed all the possible concerns related to the topic that you may have in your mind.

If you have any information, you can contact us. We would be delighted to get a response from you.

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