Tesla Trade-In Vs. CarMax (Detailed Comparison)

If you want to buy a new Tesla vehicle the first thing that comes to your mind is where to sell your old vehicle. Tesla is a highly sought-after innovative and alternative automobile manufacturer, that’s why it provides you with best-selling options. The best options for you are Tesla Trade-In or CarMax.

The main question arises now is can you exchange your current Tesla vehicle for a new one? Even so, does Tesla provide a trade-in program? What is the typical trade-in value for a Tesla? Which is the suitable option for you Tesla Trade in and CarMax?

In this article, I will discuss all the above-mentioned points in detail.

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What is Tesla Trade in?

You can trade in your vehicles for a new or used Tesla through Tesla’s trade-in program. In the world of electric vehicles, your Tesla vehicles are among the most sought-after ones.

They continue to look for new strategies for you.  They not only reduced the price of their vehicles for you but also launched a generous trade-in program to make it easier for you to purchase a new car.

Tesla considers your cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs as potential trade-ins. Tesla can accept both gasoline and electric models from you. It means that if you are winging a Tesla vehicle you can also trade it in on a new one.

If Tesla provides you with an initial estimate, that figure is valid for seven days. The final offer you receive from Tesla is only good for the next 30 days and the first 1,000 miles on the odometer. The value of the trade will probably vary if the term’s upper limit is exceeded.

What is CarMax?

From 1993 till now, CarMax has been trying to become one of the largest used automobile dealership networks in the country. It has more than 239 locations operating in roughly 40 states with a workforce of more than 27,000 people.

Maybe at some time, you come across a CarMax used vehicle dealership or visit its website. With rapid advancement, CarMax is now providing you with totally online automobile sales offers. You can also have your vehicle delivered right to your door thanks to CarMax.

Most vehicles in CarMax are typically five years old or newer. You can also enjoy a seven-day return policy and a limited warranty of 90 days or 4,000 miles.

Tesla Trade-In vs. CarMax

When acquiring a new Tesla vehicle, you can trade in your used automobiles through Tesla’s trade-in program. They are renowned for their large inventory of pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs and their no-haggle price policy. Both have different specifications discussed below:

1) Working

For the Tesla trade-in, you can follow the below-stated actions:

  • First, to place an order, you have to get a value for your trade-in Tesla vehicle by entering your VIN.
  • The final offer subject to a physical examination of your trade-in vehicle will be made available for you. To receive a trade-in, offer, you must enter your VIN, odometer distance traveled, zip code, damage history, and images of your car on your Tesla app.
  • The Tesla app will send you an email when your trade-in offer is prepared.
  • You also have to provide a picture of your title as well as a valid registration card in case you decide to accept the final trade-in offer.
  • After verification and approval, you can schedule your delivery date.
  • There are two different equities (positive and negative) for your Tesla vehicle. Positive equity should be toward the purchase of a new or used Tesla. Negative equity must be settled upon delivery or rolled into your financing arrangement.
  • You must turn in your car, the title, and any necessary lien releases during your delivery appointment.
  • You should notify your state of the transaction.

CarMax works according to the below-mentioned actions:

  • CarMax provides you with Shop, Sell/Trade, and Finance services.
  • First, you have to browse the automobiles of your choice on the website of CarMax and learn more about their features.
  • You can also shop around to examine the inventory at other CarMax outlets nearby.
  • CarMax will provide you with a history record of each vehicle listed on the website. The information may include the number of owners, any known accidents, and other crucial aspects of the vehicle’s past.

You can also calculate your monthly installments at CarMax. You can use a calculator displayed on the description page for each vehicle. You can use it to add:

  • The sum of your down payment
  • Credit scores range
  • Preferred duration
  • By using this feature, you can choose the car according to your monthly payment budget. Before going to CarMax, you should save time by calculating your finances online.
  • You can also place an order to have your vehicle delivered to your house or a nearby CarMax facility.
  • CarMax provides you with 24-hour test drives. Other dealerships will not provide you with such offers.
  • You can also sell your current Tesla vehicle to CarMax since to reduce the finance budget they also buy cars from you. For this purpose, simply you have to submit information about your vehicle into the website’s sale section so that you can receive a free quote offer. If CarMax wants to purchase your vehicle, they will pay you right away.

2) Cost

If you trade in your old vehicle for a new Tesla vehicle you can be qualified for tax breaks in several areas. It will cost you less.

Contrary to what you benefit from Tesla as a trade-in value, CarMax may offer you a higher price for your Tesla. They also offer price-competitive deals.

3) Loyalty

If you trade in your old Tesla for a new one it will preserve your relationship with Tesla. If you are a devoted customer, it’s really helpful for you.

But contrary to this, CarMax gives you greater freedom if you are not set on sticking with Tesla. You can also buy other automobiles like Tesla.

4) Convenient

It may be more convenient for you to trade in your Tesla at a Tesla dealership. You can also purchase a new Tesla vehicle from the same place or get a service.

You are not restricted to another Tesla when you sell your car to CarMax; you may choose whatever car you want to buy as your next car.

Consideration for the Future

It is your choice which option you want to select while selling or buying a new vehicle. Whether you sell to CarMax or trade-in at Tesla. The superior option you may select is trading in at Tesla. It’s convenient for you as well as brand loyalty that matters the most.

In contrary to that, if you want to sell your vehicle to CarMax it may also be the best option for you. It will provide you with more options for your next car with the best prices. You must compare the prices before choosing Tesla trade-in or CarMax. You may consider the following steps:

1) The value of your Tesla vehicle will be influenced by its condition. CarMax first evaluates the condition of your vehicle before making an offer to you.

2) Tesla’s demand may vary according to the location. That’s why the value you get may also differ.

3) If you are selling your vehicle to CarMax, it may take more work in terms of listing, showing, and negotiating. Be ready to haggle as they will not provide you with the best deals at the start.

Final Thoughts

So far, I have discussed all the points related to Tesla Trade-in vs. CarMax in detail. It’s your choice which option you may select.  Some features may include:

  • Trade in trade with your old Tesla vehicle, while CarMax deals with the sale of used cars.
  • You may have more choices in CarMax as compared to the Tesla Trade-in.
  • You can trade your old Tesla vehicle with a new one in a trade-in.
  • CarMax prices are higher as compared to Tesla trade-in.

We went over in detail each of these and answered some quires that you might have in your mind.

If you have some information to share with us about this topic, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

While purchasing a car should I trust CarMax?

CarMax lessens the aggravation of the car-buying process as it is not easy to buy a car. They will give you access to a large number of automobile models even though their costs might be the highest.

You can use CarMax as a tool for comparison shopping. You can test your vehicle for 30 days for up to 1,500 miles. If you are willing to pay extra cost you can go through CarMax to enjoy their benefits.

Will I purchase a new Tesla in place of the old one?

Yes, you can. Tesla will accept their cars as trade-ins for either a new or used Tesla. You just need to provide your Tesla vehicle VIN, model, year, mileage, and a few pictures to determine the trade-in value of your vehicle. You must have the loan agreement ready to upload to the calculator’s photo section.

On which Tesla model I am eligible for trade-ins?

The following models will be accepted for Tesla Trade-in:

  • Sedans
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Internal combustion engines and electric vehicles

But you cannot be able to trade in your motorbikes, and commercial vehicles to trade-ins by Tesla.

Should I trade in more than one vehicle?

No. You have to trade in only one vehicle to Tesla.

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