Tesla Phone Key Not Working (How To Fix)

Will you use the Phone Key to unlock your Tesla vehicle? Because it is a quick and handy way to lock or unlock your car. Tesla replaces the conventional method of opening the door. What? Do you have a broken Tesla phone key?  Sadly, nothing stays the same forever.

You can frequently experience problems with your Tesla phone keys not working and become irritated trying to figure out a fix. This annoying problem may have several root causes, which hampered the functionality of your Tesla phone key.

In this article, I will go through a few problems that could be the cause of your Tesla phone key not functioning, along with some quick fixes.

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How to Fix Tesla Phone Key Not Working?

Due to setup errors and app bugs, your Tesla phone key is not operating. The other reason may be due to a poor card reader, a connectivity problem, or a network mistake. 

In this section, I will break down the causes and then provide the fixes to assist you in handling the mistake successfully.

1. Failed Setup

Your Tesla phone key is not working due to the incorrect setup attempt. To get rid of this you just have to set it up correctly. Here is the guidance:

  • Open the Tesla app and turn on the Bluetooth connection.
  • Select Phone Key > Start.
  • After that scan the key card in the card reader.
  • Then press the Finish button.
  • Next, go to Controls > Locks > Keys to verify the phone key.
  • Finally, enable the Walk-Away Door Lock function.

2. Disabled Bluetooth

One of the most common reasons your Tesla phone key not working is due to disabled Bluetooth on your smartphone. 

Before looking for another reason first you should make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled. To verify following actions should be recommended:

  • Access the settings of your phone.
  • Then, find the Bluetooth option.
  • Press the Bluetooth option.

Carry out these steps to check your Bluetooth. Try to reconnect your phone to your Tesla after making sure your Bluetooth is turned on. This can solve your problem.

3. Update the Tesla App

If your Tesla app is outdated it may cause your Tesla phone key to stop working properly. To solve this issue you have to install the most recent Tesla software on your mobile phone. 

Maybe there is a Bluetooth connectivity issue that can be resolved by updating your software to the latest version.

Try to check the available updates by going through the Google Play Store or your Tesla app. You can use the following instructions to download the most recent version of the Tesla app:

  • Access the Google Play Store or the App Store on your phone.
  • In the search bar enter “Tesla”.
  • In the search results find the Tesla app.
  • Verify that you are using the most recent version.
  • Click the “Update” button to download the update.

4. Tesla App Error

If your Tesla app caught up with an error it will render the phone key useless. You may have to update the app or reinstall it to fix the problem. Let me describe the procedure to you in detail:

  • Open the Tesla app after closing it.
  • Simply you have to upgrade the Tesla app by going to the Play Store or App Store.
  • Delete the app and then install it again.
  • Afterward, you have to enter your Tesla account’s username and password.

5. Airplane Mode

If your Tesla phone key is not working properly it will not be able to with the car. Airplane mode is responsible for this type of error. 

Therefore, you have to ensure that your mobile phone is effectively connected to your Tesla vehicle. 

For this purpose, you should double-check that this feature is turned off in the settings of your phone. The phone key might not function even after you make this sure.

6. Reboot the System

If there is a problem with the internal system of your phone or the car, your Tesla phone key may not function properly. In that case to resolve the issue you have to restart both the device and the automobile. Follow the instructions stated below:

  • To restart the vehicle you have to press both of the steering wheel’s scroll buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Then, long-press the power button and the Restart button.
  • Connect the phone to your car’s Bluetooth.
  • After that, you have to open the Tesla app, and to unlock your Tesla use the phone key.

7. Physical Obstacle

Another factor for your Tesla phone key malfunctioning is a physical barrier separating your phone and your car. 

Sometimes an object may block the Bluetooth signal or your phone may not be within range. To solve this simply you have to go closer to your Tesla or get rid of any obstructions to fix this problem.

8. Other Devices Interferences

Sometimes other phones or laptops’ radio interference can prevent the Tesla phone key from connecting or functioning. In that case, you have to remove the phone and add it. To do so, adhere to the directions below:

  • Go to Controls > Locks > Keys on your car’s touchscreen to find the key.
  • Click the trash icon.
  • To scan the key card you have to use the internal card reader.
  • Clicks add (+) button.
  • Select Start with the Phone Key after opening the Tesla app.
  • Next, use the internal card reader to scan the card and select Done/Finish.

9. Low Battery Level

For your Tesla phone keys to work appropriately while connecting to your car the battery in your phone is necessary. 

Low battery life may make it difficult for your phone to connect securely to your automobile. To fix this you have to simply recharge your phone to ensure appropriate battery life. 

To establish a secure connection between your phone and automobile, you must have a constant internet connection.

10. Bluetooth Security Certificate Problem

Your Tesla Bluetooth Security Certificate may not be updated, which may be the answer to your question “why your Tesla phone key stopped working”. 

To resolve this issue you have to simply update the Bluetooth Security Certificate on your Tesla Service Centre (TSC) to repair it. Check out the process and give it a shot:

First, you have to get in touch with the Tesla Service Center and schedule a meeting with them. For this purpose, you can use your Tesla app. Inform them in detail about your problem.

You have to visit the Tesla Service Center location to fix your problem.

11. Connectivity Error

If your Bluetooth is not connected properly it may also cause your Tesla phone key to stop working. You can address this issue by just adopting the procedure given below:

  • First, connect your Bluetooth on your phone as well as on your vehicle.
  • For proper function, you have to disconnect the previous pairing and reconnect it again.
  • To turn on the Bluetooth settings in your Tesla you just have to go to Settings > Apps > Tesla App.
  • Select Settings > Apps > Tesla App to find the location.
  • At that moment from the main menu select Always.
  • Go to Controls > Safety > Allow Mobile Access on your display screen.
  • When you launch the Tesla app you have to hit Phone Key > Start. After that, you have to scan your key card.

How to Connect your Phone to your Tesla Vehicle as a Phone Key?

Thankfully, by simply using your phone key you can lock or unlock your vehicles. But first, you have to pair your smartphones with your Tesla vehicles. 

You can easily do this, it is not rocket science. You just have to focus on the below-mentioned steps while doing the pairing procedure:

  • On your vehicle display screen, you simply have to tap on the car icon to select Locks.
  • Then select the “+” button.
  • Click it to add the Phone as a key.
  •  In your cell phone open your Tesla App.
  • Choose the Phone key from the Tesla App.
  • Select the start option on your mobile phone.
  • Wait for a minute, while your phone completes its search.
  • When you complete the steps you will be alerted by a message.

Recommendations for the future

By using your Tesla phone key feature you can easily unlock, lock, and start your Tesla vehicles with the aid of your mobile phone. 

Additionally, at a time your three keys can be connected with your vehicle. The basic line is that problems with your phone’s Bluetooth are probably to blame if you experience problems with phone key connectivity with your Tesla. 

If you use an Android smartphone, it’s worthwhile to investigate app upgrades and potential bugs from any recent Android update.

Final Thoughts

So far, I have provided you with information on the question of why your Tesla phone key is not working. I elaborate on all the reasons as well as the solutions to you. The solutions consist of: 

  1. Reset your failed setup.
  2. Enabled the Bluetooth option.
  3. Update your Tesla app.
  4. Fix the errors in your Tesla app.
  5. Turn off the airplane mode.
  6. Restart your smartphone and your Tesla vehicle.
  7. Physical obstacles should be removed.
  8. Remove other devices.
  9. Completely charge your battery.
  10. Update your Bluetooth Security Certificate.
  11. Ensure proper connectivity of your Bluetooth.
  12. Contact your Tesla customer service center.

I hope you find the data given to you in this article to be useful in fixing your Tesla phone key problems. You can also give us your feedback. We will happily wait for your response.

Is my Tesla phone key secure enough for me?

Your Tesla phone key is certainly not a secure feature for you as it can allow attackers to easily open your vehicle door.

Can my Tesla phone key can function without an internet connection?

Yes, your Tesla phone key can function accurately even if you do not have internet connectivity by using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

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