Tesla Not Downloading Update (7 Ways To Fix)

As we all know Tesla is an electric vehicle and it has revolutionized the automobile industry with the use of artificial intelligence and the latest technology in it. Technology and artificial intelligence need to be updated with time due to the advancement of technology.

But what if your Tesla is not downloading the updates or is stuck while updating? It would be very frustrating.

We have dealt with this. So we did a lot of research and found out all the possible causes and solutions for Tesla not downloading updates. In this article, we are going to explain to you these causes and solutions.

Let’s get started…

Why it is necessary to update your Tesla?

Updating your Tesla is very necessary for many reasons. These reasons are described below.

01. Performance improvement

Tesla releases their updates to improve the performance of their vehicle. These updates enhance acceleration, handling, energy efficiency, and overall driving experience.

So it is necessary to update your Tesla to improve the performance of your Tesla and your driving experience.

02. Bug fixes and stability

Like any other software, Tesla software can also have bugs and glitches in it which can affect the performance of the software. Tesla updates include bug fixes and stability improvement.

So it is necessary to update your Tesla software to operate the vehicle smoothly and minimize the chances of unexpected failures of the system.

03. New features and functions

Tesla keeps introducing new features and functions to their cars which they add to their vehicles by the software updates. These features may include improvements in the infotainment system, driver assist features and connectivity, etc.

So it is necessary to update your Tesla software to gain access to these new features.

04. Enhance safety

Tesla is very concerned about the safety of their vehicles. They keep enhancing the safety and security of their feathers by improving the camera, and sensors and launching new safety features.

To improve the safety of your vehicle it is necessary to update your Tesla software.

05. Battery life optimization

Battery management is very crucial for electrical vehicles. Tesla keeps working on optimizing battery performance and extending battery life.

And provides you with these improvements through software updates. So it is necessary to update your Tesla software to improve the battery life and performance.

Tesla updates provide many more improvements to their vehicles like these and also provide the details of upcoming features so that you can stay updated with what you are going to have in the future. So it is very necessary to update your Tesla software.

Tesla not downloading update – causes and solutions

Fixing the problem of Tesla not downloading the updates is very easy. There are a few reasons for this problem and their solutions are very easy. These reasons and solutions are Poor Internet connection, Needing more data, Insufficient Storage Space, System overload, and Errors and glitches.

Now I am going to explain these causes and solutions for this problem. Keep reading…

The first thing that you need to know is your Tesla will not be able to download the update when you are driving your vehicle or your vehicle is charging. So make sure that you are not trying to update your vehicle while you are driving it or charging it.

01. Poor Internet connection                                           

A poor internet connection with your Tesla can cause your Tesla software problem. The cause of poor internet connection could be that your Tesla is far away from the network with which it is connected.

If your Tesla is away from the network, move the Tesla and the network source toward each other.

If there are a lot of devices connected with the same Wi-Fi network with which your Tesla is connected, it can also be the cause of poor internet connection. 

Try removing the other devices from the same Wi-Fi network or connecting your Tesla with another network.

 You can also resolve this issue by connecting your Tesla with your mobile data.

No internet connection. Wireless connectivity disconnect, error connection wifi. Bad signal wifi wireless web page on screen smartphone. Flat vector illustration

02. Needs more data

There is a possibility that the update is so large that you have gone out of your data. If this happens that update will stop and get stuck there until you change the internet connection or renew your package. So if your update is stuck, ensure that you are not out of data.

03. Insufficient Storage Space

If you have a lot of applications installed on your Tesla screen, there is a possibility that you have run out of storage to download the update.

If you have a lot of apps on your Tesla screen, check the storage and sure you have some storage to download the update. If you don’t have try removing the unnecessary app and clearing the cache storage.

04. System overload

Another reason for your Tesla update problem could be that there are too many apps that you are running at the same time which causes an overloading on your system. This overloading can cause your Tesla update not to download or stay stuck.

Ensure that there is no app running while you are downloading the update and delete all unnecessary apps.

05. Scheduled Update Time Conflict

Tesla provides a feature in which you can schedule the time for the updates to download and install like over the night or in the day. If the update is not downloading, it is possible that you have set a schedule for the downloading and now you are trying to download it.

Check the Tesla update settings and ensure that there is no scheduling time conflict.

06. Errors and glitches

Errors and glitches in Tesla can also cause this problem. These errors and glitches can enter your Tesla software due to connecting third-party apps or devices with the Tesla software.

You can remove these glitches and errors by removing these third-party apps and devices.soft reset can also fix this problem by removing the bugs and glitches from your Tesla software.

Follow these steps to perform a soft reset; 

  • Ensure that you are seated in the driver’s seat and the vehicle is parked.
  • Press and hold the two scroll wheels buttons.
  • Hold the buttons until the touchscreen turns off and the Tesla logo appears.
  • Now release the buttons and wait for the touch screen to reboot.

A hard reset can also fix such problems performing a hard reset. You should try the hard reset only if you have tried all the other solutions because a hard reset will remove all the data and information that you have given to your Tesla.

Follow these steps to perform a hard reset;

  • Ensure that your Tesla is parked, and the vehicle is turned off.
  • Open the front trunk and locate the 12V battery.
  • Disconnect the Negative Terminal from the battery.
  • Leave the negative terminal disconnected for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Reconnect the Negative Terminal and Turn on your Tesla.

07. Connect customer support

We have tried and discussed all the problems that can cause the issue but if the updates are not still downloading, try connecting the Tesla customer service. They will diagnose the problem and will assist you to fix this problem.

Final thoughts

So far we have discussed all the possible causes and solutions for the problem of Tesla not downloading updates. The problems and solutions are explained in this article. The solutions include

  1. Ensure you are not driving or charging your Tesla.
  2. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  3. Ensure you have sufficient data.
  4. Ensure you have sufficient space.
  5. Ensure the system is not overloaded.
  6. Ensure that there is no scheduling time conflict.
  7. Perform a soft reset.
  8. Perform a hard reset.
  9. Contact Tesla customer service.

We have discussed all these in detail and answered some questions that you might have in your mind.

If you have something to share with us about this topic feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Does Tesla notify me when a software update is available?

Yes, Tesla notifies you when a software update is available.

Can I schedule a specific time for my Tesla to download updates?

Yes, you can schedule a specific time for your Tesla to download updates.

Is it necessary to update my Tesla software regularly?

Regular software updates are necessary as they improve performance, fix bugs, enhance safety features, and provide access to new functionalities and optimizations.

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