Tesla Model S Trunk Stuck (This Should Work)

You are coming from the supermarket and bringing groceries. You want to put your groceries in your car trunk. But your Tesla Model S trunk is stuck. It’s quite frustrating and annoying. Many Tesla owners have reported this trouble.

I can understand how it feels to stuff your goods among the passengers in your car. As the trunk has failed, we need to solve this issue. 

I have done a lot of research to help you to get out of this trouble and this article will assist you in a better way to examine the issue.  

Let’s initiate our article…

How To Fix Tesla Model S trunk stuck

Now I will provide you with detailed information about the causes and possible solutions. Now I will discuss them one by one.

1. Seized cinching actuator:

When the cinch actuator of the Tesla Model S fails, it notifies you when you press the trunk button and it beeps thrice but nothing takes place. The actuator is an electrical motor that is activated through a key fob or trunk button.

If the actuator got seized, the trunk stocks which create trouble for you. It may be due to any broken or damaged part. It will not operate the trunk through the key fob, manually, or through the lever.


This is the most vulnerable situation and can be solved by replacing the old actuator with a new one by professional mechanics. It is not a good choice to get it replaced immediately. 

You can go for other solutions which are listed as:

  • You should use the emergency release Mechanism within the trunk to manually open it for this purpose. Then close the trunk after it has been opened, then wait a little before attempting to open it using the standard key fob or remote.
  • You should check the fuse for the latch or trunk in your Model S’s fuse box, which is typically under the hood or in the trunk. Replace the blown fuse with a fresh one of the same amperage and check the trunk operation once more.
  • You should look for any physical impediments that might be stopping the actuator from moving properly in the trunk area. You must search for any trash, objects, or loose parts that might be obstructing the mechanism. And clear any stumbling blocks, then attempt opening the trunk one more.
  • A seized actuator may be the result of inadequate lubrication or a buildup of debris. You should apply an appropriate silicone-based lubricant to the manufacturer’s instructions for the actuator mechanism. 

2. Increased resistance:

If your Tesla Model S trunk is stuck, it can be due to increased resistance to your car’s trunk motion. This can be anticipated due to less lubrication provided to the internal as well external parts of the trunk. Increased resistance results in jammed locks.


  • A simple solution for you is to lubricate the parts of the Tesla ModelS trunk properly using a good lubricant.
  • You should grease the lock properly, and use lubricant spray to avoid resistance during trunk opening or closing.

This is the simple way to operate a jammed lock due to increased resistance.

3. Connection wires issue:

This is a cause of your trunk being stuck in your Tesla Model S. It may be possible that due to any destructive force or shocks, the connection wires of your trunk disconnected. This can be estimated if the rear lights of your Tesla do not light on which are connected through the same wires.


Following are the solutions to solve the connection wire issues causing the Tesla Model s trunk stuck:

  • Check the wiring in the trunk area visually first. Inspect the system for any damage indications, such as frayed or broken wires, loose connections, or corrosion using a voltmeter.
  • You should make sure that every cable is connected securely and in good shape.
  • If you discover damaged wires, you can try to fix them if the damage is modest, or you can replace them.

For a stable and insulated connection follow the given steps:

  • For a more stable and insulated connection, you should strip the insulation from the damaged piece of the wire
  • Then you have to twist the exposed ends together.
  • Then you have to wrap them with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing. 
  • However, it is advised to have the wires repaired if the damage is considerable or if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself.

4. Trunk damaged lock:

This is also a major cause of the trunk being stuck in the Tesla Model S. It may be possible that it gets blocked or an internal mechanism breaks. So, no longer trunk lock activates. In this case, you hear the activation noise,  but it does not operate.


  • You will need to repair your trunk lock to make it work as normal. 
  • In this case, you can also use the external trunk handle. But it is a temporary solution.
  • There is a hole in the center of the tailgate, you have to put the screwdriver in it. 
  • Then you should firmly press the sides. By this method, you can open the trunk of a Tesla Model S.

5. Blockage:

Your Tesla Model S trunk is stuck. It can be due to blockage caused by foreign particles that are stuck in the lock. It blocks the movement of internal mechanisms.


There are few solutions when you encounter such a situation.

  • You need to remove these obstructions that are causing the blockage. You should clean your trunk lock with a blower.
  • You can also use pliers to remove the blockage.
  • You should use a plastic cover to protect it from any foreign object. 

6. Software updated

One of the major causes of the Tesla Model S trunk being stuck is software issues.

All the updates of Tesla occur OTA(over the air). Occasionally,  software updates cause glitches in the electrical mechanism of the whole Tesla.


I will suggest some possible solutions which include, resetting the infotainment, installing the latest software, perform a soft reset.

The infotainment system should be restarted first by following the procedure given below:

  • To accomplish this, you should navigate to the primary touchscreen display.
  • Then you have to press and hold both of the steering-wheel scroll buttons until the screen becomes black.
  • After it, you should release the scroll wheels after the screen goes dark.
  • You then wait for the computer to restart. 
  • This procedure could take a short while. Test the trunk lock to check if the problem has been fixed after the reboot is finished.

You should follow these procedures to update the software on a Tesla Model S:

  • Make sure your Tesla Model S is plugged into a Wi-Fi network with a reliable and powerful internet connection.
  • Choose “Software” or “Software Updates” from the main menu.
  • Click on check for update.
  • If there is an update, download and Install it.

To solve the issue you should perform a soft reset by following the steps :

  • Firstly you should check that the Tesla is parked. 
  • Then you have to press and hold both of the scroll wheels.
  • Hold them there for around 10 seconds.
  • You have to give your Tesla car some time so it can finish the soft reset. Normally, this procedure takes 1-2 minutes.
  • After the reboot is finished, the central touchscreen ought to come back on, allowing you to use your Tesla Model S as usual.

7. Trunk latch issue:

The faulted or damaged trunk latch of your Tesla can be responsible for the trunk being stuck. The trunk latch is capable and responsible to keep your trunk lock closed. If it got damaged, it will not properly close your trunk.


Observe these methods to fix trunk latch issues:

  • You should check and fix the latch for any obvious blemishes or alignment issues.
  • You should remove dirt and debris by cleaning the latch mechanism.
  • Apply an appropriate lubricant that the manufacturer suggests on the latch of your Tesla.
  • To guarantee appropriate alignment with the latch, adjust the striker plate.
  • To check if the problem has been fixed, test the trunk latch operation.

8. Trunk door alignment:

If your Tesla Model S trunk is stuck, it can be due to faulty fitting of your trunk. Misalignment of your trunk has devastating effects on its parts. And this makes the condition more troubling.


  • You should inspect the car for any obvious indications of alignment issues, such as gaps or uneven spacing between the trunk door and the body. Check to see if the trunk door is slanted, too high, or too low. If you suspect any of these, you will need a denter to fix this problem.

For the hinge issue, follow the given steps: 

  • You should find the hinge locations on the car body that match the hinge points on the trunk door.
  • To properly align the trunk door, you should lose the bolts or screws holding the hinges and make the necessary adjustments.
  • You have to check the alignment after each little change, then make the next one. 
  • Once the appropriate alignment has been obtained, firmly tighten the bolts or screws.

9. ill or dead battery:

ill battery or dead battery is also a big responsible cause of the Tesla Model S trunk being stuck. 

This can be observed when you get in the car and ignite the engine. But it won’t get started, it ensures that the battery of your Tesla is dead.


There are a few actions you may take to fix the problem if a dead or malfunctioning battery is causing the trunk of your Tesla Model S to become stuck.

For manual release follow the given steps:

  • The first thing you may do is look inside the trunk for the manual release lever. 
  • Then you have to search for a tiny access flap or panel next to the trunk clasp. 
  • There should be a lever or pulley when you open it. 
  • Even if the battery is dead, you should be able to open the trunk by pulling this lever to manually release it.

To charge the battery follow these steps:

  • You can try utilizing jumper cables and another car with a charged battery to jump-start the 12V battery to fix this. 

 It is suggested to get in touch with Tesla’s mobile service or roadside assistance if the aforementioned measures don’t work or you can’t reach the manual release lever. To aid in resolving the issue, they might send a professional to your location or offer remote assistance.

You can get a complete guide through this video. Watch it out:

Final thoughts:

I have tried and discussed all of the problems causing the Tesla Model S trunk to be stuck but if the aforementioned measures don’t work then you can get assistance from the Tesla customer care center or offer remote assistance.

I have explained the detail solutions to the issues which include:

  1. Seized cinching actuator.
  2. Increased resistance.
  3. Connection wire issue.
  4. Trunk damaged lock.
  5. Blockage.
  6. Software updated.
  7. Trunk latch issue.
  8. Trunk misalignment 
  9. Ill battery

If you have queries regarding this article,  you can contact me. I will try my best to give you proper assistance. 

Do automobiles have a device to open the trunk from the inside if you are locked inside it?

Yes, all the new innovative and new automobiles come with an internal release device to activate and open the trunk from the inside. 

Where can I find the trunk release of my Tesla Model S?

In this model, it can be accessed through the touch screen display inside the car.

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