Tesla Model S Door Handle Stuck (How To Fix)

Door handles in your vehicles are of great concern. But many Tesla customers claim that their vehicle door handle which is sleek with the car body got stuck when they reach and try to open it.

In this article, I’ll cover the reasons why your Tesla door handles can stuck, and how to avoid it happening again. I’ll also offer some advice on how to operate Tesla door knobs in various climates and circumstances.

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How to Fix Tesla Models Door Handle Stuck?

In your Tesla door handle, there are actuators and tiny switches that make their mechanism a lit bit complicated.  Sadly, it seems that Tesla did not do any life testing on handle operation, as many people are facing problems with the door handle just after driving 20,000 miles in their new Tesla cars.

Some of the common reasons and their solutions are stated below:

1. Damaged Gear Box

You can use paddle gear to spin and handle your Tesla door holds. In some cases, the door handle of your Tesla may become stuck as a result it will cause the breakage of this plastic paddle gear. A grinding sound may also be produced when the paddle gear breaks.


You have to replace the paddle gear with a new one to solve this issue. For this purpose, you need:

  • Wearable padding 1042845-00-B (£0.92)
  • If you do not know how to change the peddle gear then you require labor for repair.

You can also exchange each Tesla door handle for between £170 and 450. You have to speak with Tesla Service Center about your problem so that they will provide you with a solution. Even, sometimes Tesla fixes your problem free of charge.

2. Software Errors

Your Tesla door handles may be not functioning correctly as a result of a software error that interferes with the connection between the car and the handle on the door. Due to this reason, when you try to pull the door handle it cannot be extended.


Due to this issue, the side mirrors in your Tesla model which should be intended to fold in and out with the door handles, may also experience problems. To resolve this matter Tesla advises you to restart your vehicle by depressing both scroll buttons on the steering wheel up until the touchscreen becomes dark.

Secondly in the winter of 2018, the Tesla Company comes to know about their stuck door issues for the first time. They did release a software update, but it wasn’t a full fix. But now Tesla introduced the Model 3 or Model Y driver door to the 4.14.0 edition of its mobile app.

They claim that these models are helpful if your door handle gets stuck. You have to upgrade the vehicle software.

3. Extreme Weather Conditions

If you are living in extremely cold weather conditions your Tesla door knobs might freeze locked or become tight because they are susceptible to low temperatures. In cold regions snow or ice builds up inside the system of the door handle, making it difficult for the door to open or close smoothly.


Tesla advises you to melt the ice and free your door handle with a deicing mist or a hair dryer. As an alternative, some owners also recommend you to try opening your door gently or may use a soft piece of cloth to help shatter the ice.

4. Breakage of Internal Wires

Your Tesla door handles are made up of very thin microwires that can easily damage by excessive use of door handles. In this condition, your door handle might not be damaged but it could not unlock the door. You have to change the microwires or re-sold them to resolve your issue.

You can easily purchase the parts (Loom & Switches 1016009-00-E) in case you want to replace the switch wires from Tesla, which costs roughly £41. Additionally, you can also purchase the parts from third parties. But the best choice is to speak with the Tesla team about your issue.

If you still prefer to fix the problem by yourself, try watching the video by using the link below.

5. Safety End for You

If none of the above-mentioned techniques are successful you can use an emergency opener to unlock your door either inside or out. In the outermost part of the handle, you can put your credit card and push your door open from the outside. You can also use some wire or rope. But while employing these techniques, make sure that you are not damaging your door handle.

How to use Tesla door handles to avoid damage?

The following are some bits of advice you should keep in your mind before handling Tesla door handles:

1. Utilizing Child Lock

You can use the child lock option to stop your child from opening the back doors on a road trip. Go to Controls > Settings > Vehicle > on your touchscreen to fasten the child lock.

2. Using Valet Mode Factor

You can use the valet mode option on your app or touchscreen to restrict the use of your car if you park it in a garage.

  • Select Controls > Safety & Security > Valet Mode.
  • Enter a four-digit PIN.
  • Now your Tesla vehicle won’t be able to open the door.

3. Lock-Away Feature

You can also utilize the walk-away lock option on your app or touchscreen to lock your car itself. Select Walk-Away Door Lock by going to Controls > Settings > Vehicle.

How to Prevent the Tesla door handles Stuck Problem in the Future?

You can use the advice below to stop your Tesla’s door handles from malfunctioning or becoming stuck:

  • You should verify that your car is free of dust, moisture, or any other type of debris that can obstruct the door handle mechanism. To avoid this, you should regularly clean dust from your door handles with the help of a soft cloth or a brush. You can also use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.
  • If you are living in a chilly climate, you can use the pre-conditioning feature on your app to warm up your car. This will lessen the chances of your door handle getting stuck. Always use a car cover or park your car in a garage to shield it from snow and ice.
  • Verify that the software in your car is up to date. You have to update your Tesla vehicle at an appropriate time. In this way, you can easily resolve any kind of faults that is hindering your door handle performance. You have to select “Controls > Software” to update the software. Try to connect with Wi-Fi to get more updates.

Final Thoughts

The causes and potential solutions to your Tesla door handle stuck problem are deliberated in detail. Follow the below-stated precautions:

  • You have to select car settings in accordance with your choice.
  • Use your key fob to unlock the door.
  • You should update your Tesla software.
  • The damaged gearbox should be replaced.
  • Use emergency release to open the door in case of any emergency.
  • For further help contact Tesla Service Center.

The above points are discussed in detail. If you have any questions related to the problem, you can contact us. We will look forward to hearing from you.

How much your new Tesla Door Handle range?

It will range from approximately £170 – 450.

Tesla door handle issue can be fixed by me or not?

Yes, you can. You should try first to get rid of the problem, according to UK consumer law, but still, if the problem continues, contact the Tesla team to fix it. If you need parts (gear paddle, battery pack, microwires) to replace your Tesla door handle, you can purchase them from Tesla itself or any other party.

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