Tesla iPhone Wireless Charger Not Working (10 Quick Fixes)

iPhone Company is making a major contribution to wireless charging systems. But have you ever tried to connect the iPhone wireless system with your Tesla vehicle? 

If yes then it may be possible that you may encounter some issues with this mechanism. If your answer is yes then you are on the right platform.

In this article, I will give you in-depth information on the causes as well as the solution to iPhone wireless chargers not working in your Tesla vehicles.

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Wireless Charging Process

Your iPhone wireless charger works by using a magnetic induction technique in which there is a receiver coil, a phone, a transmitter coil, and a charging dock. 

The voltage from the coil will charge your iPhone battery. To use this wireless charging system you should check the instructions on your iPhone.

How To Fix Tesla iPhone Wireless Charger Not Working

If your Tesla iPhone Wireless Charger is experiencing difficulties and you are looking to fix it, then the first thing should involve verifying the compatibility of your device. Attempt to perform a reset. Ensure that your iPhone wireless charger features are enabled. Remember to update the software.

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1. Device Compatibility

If you have an iPhone version that is not capable enough to support the Tesla wireless charger system, in such situations you cannot charge your iPhone.

You have to check whether your iPhone supports a wireless charging mechanism or not. All the models From iPhone 8 to the latest models, support wireless charging

If you are using iPhone 7 or other old versions the wireless charger system will not support your Tesla vehicle. That’s why it’s important to confirm the compatibility of your iPhone. After that, you can use any Qi-compatible wireless charger to charge your iPhone.

2. Problematic Phone Case

Wireless charging is significantly less powerful than wired charging that’s why if you are using a thicker mobile cover it could prevent the charging. 

Therefore, you should be careful not to charge your phone with Tesla while wearing a thicker phone cover.

To see if the issue is caused by the mobile cover, take off the case and try charging your phone without one. 

If your charging begins, it will confirm that your phone cover was interfering with wireless charging. 

if you want to use your cellphone cover the next time, make sure that it is no thicker than 3 mm, as this will prevent wireless charging.

3. iPhone Overheating Issue

iPhone may become overheated during charging. However, because wireless charging is less effective than conventional charging using cables, it produces more heat. 

he protective mechanism is activated and prevents charging of the iPhone battery above 80% when it becomes overheated. 

To fix the issue when you see a decrease in temperature, unplug your iPhone from the charger and give it another attempt.

4. Restart the iPhone

The software on your mobile devices occasionally develops faults and glitches without any apparent cause, which leads to issues with charging. 

Under these conditions, your Tesla iPhone wireless charger will not work properly.

To fix this issue you should have to restart your mobile device because doing so will resolve the problem.

To restart your smartphone you have to follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the volume button and the side button till the power menu appears.
  • Click the restart button on the power menu.
  • Your phone will automatically turn off and then on.
  • You can also manually turn it off and on to restart your mobile device.
  • Place your phone on the charging pad after restarting it one more to see if it is operating properly.

5. Charger Problem

Your charger might need to be reset if it’s stuck as a result of glitches or issues. When these issues are resolved and reset, your charge resumes normal operation. 

To restart your charger you have to turn off the ignition and wait a few minutes. Alternatively, start the engine and put your phone on the charging station to see if it works or not.

6. Different Charger

You might need to use a different charger for your iPhone if your Tesla iPhone charger is not working. 

You can either use a wireless charger that is appropriate for your iPhone model or a wired charger that goes into the USB port on your Tesla. 

For instance, some consumers claim that their Tesla and the Apple MagSafe charger are compatible. You can also try some other Qi chargers with better designs or outputs that are more powerful.

7. Metallic Objects

Magnetic induction is the mechanism that underlies wireless charging. A metallic object can interrupt it and cause it to stop. 

Therefore, you must be sure that there are no metallic objects next to the charging setup since these could cause your charging to stop.

To perform this task initially, you have to check your phone’s cover because it’s possible that you accidentally insert coins, pins, or credit cards inside it which would interfere with charging. 

Before charging your iPhone you should remove all these metallic objects. Do not put these items close to your iPhone.

8. Firmware Updates

Older firmware versions can also result in the malfunction of your Tesla iPhone wireless charger. The firmware system in your Tesla vehicle uses software that’s why it is very necessary for you to update it. Update the latest version to resolve the problem.

  • Click on the yellow clock icon.
  • Tap Control > Software to check whether a software update is available or not.
  • If available then install the updates.

9. Third-Party Apps

If you install unwanted apps from other sources it will damage your Tesla internal system. Especially iPhone needs to install the apps from the Apple store only. 

If you do not take this preventive measure then your mobile device may enter some virus which also affects your wireless charger system. 

To address this problem remove all the third-party apps from your iPhone and then again charge your iPhone by using Tesla wireless charger system.

10. Contact the Tesla Customer Service Center

After doing all the above-mentioned steps, if you are still incapable of fixing your problem you might contact your Tesla customer service center. 

You must explain to them about your problem briefly so that they can give you the best solution. You should be aware of the dealer. Avoid visiting any unauthorized person to prevent any further trouble.

At the End

If you are a Tesla owner you can easily use the advanced technology of Qi standard for wireless power transfer. 

The electromagnetic field causes these Qi chargers to flow electric current from the coils. That’s why you should be aware of which iPhone model you are using and whether is it compatible with your Tesla or not.

Avoid metallic objects. Always clean your charging pad. Before all these, you must ensure that your iPhone is in working condition or not. 

You must have to follow the instructions provided to you in the manual book. I have already explained to you all the possible causes in the above section. 

By following the above points you can easily fix your problem. You should prepare yourself for any challenge while fixing your Tesla iPhone charger.

Final Thoughts

So far, I have discussed all the reasons of your Tesla iPhone wireless charger not working with their potential solutions. The solutions may include:

  1. Use the compatible device.
  2. Remove the phone case.
  3. Protect your iPhone from overheating.
  4.  Restart your iPhone.
  5. Reset your charger.
  6. Use a different charger with your iPhone.
  7. Remove any metallic objects.
  8. Update the latest software version.
  9. Avoid installing apps from different sources.
  10. Contact the Tesla customer service center for more information.

We went over in detail each of these and answered your questions.

You can share any information with us related to the topic. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

How the wireless charging is turned on for my Tesla vehicle?

Your Tesla automobiles have a wireless phone charging pad underneath the touchscreen. The pad charges phones when your car is running, the touchscreen is turned on, and someone is inside. To set the battery you have to put your phone on the cushion.

Why Tesla is not charging my phone?

To penetrate the casing, Tesla’s charger must either be more powerful or more essential. It’s also possible that the charger’s placement is a little awkward, making it challenging to line up with the charging socket on your phone. Unfortunately, in both situations, your Tesla is not able to charge your phone.

How can I check the functionality of my iPhone wireless charger?

You can check its functionality by the LED light present on your wireless charging pad, It may turn green. If you are using a low-power charger the LED may turn into Cyan.

How many USB ports does my Tesla vehicle have?

Your Tesla vehicle may contain 5 USB ports. There are two ports in the center console, two in the back, and one in the glove box. Splitters can be used to simultaneously charge numerous devices.

If I recharge my iPhone with a Tesla vehicle will it consume a Tesla battery?

Yes, it can consume your Tesla battery but at a very low level almost 1% to charge your iPhone 50 times.

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