Tesla EAP vs. FSD (Detailed Comparison)

Tesla provides you with advanced autopilot. You can easily enjoy its features at a very low cost. Additionally, your Tesla vehicles are also capable of providing you with a Full Self-driving feature that can perform more tasks without involving you. But it is costly.

In case, you have money which choice should you choose to pay? Would you like to purchase EAP or FSD for your Tesla?

Here in this article, we will give you a brief overview of EAP and FSD with their comparison to make your choice easy.

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What is Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) in your Tesla vehicle?

Tesla launches advanced autopilot features including all the baseline Autopilot capabilities. It adds more sophisticated properties to your Tesla Autopilot including Auto Lane Change and Navigate on Autopilot.

During your routine highway operations (managing lane changes, using on and off ramps), you can automatically steer your car.

You can also enjoy the parking assistant features of EAP. For instance, Summon and Smart Summon in your Tesla EAP can move your vehicle without your presence in it or bring the vehicle to you.

By using Auto Park property, you can automatically park your car in parallel or perpendicular parking spaces. To get more information about your Tesla Enhanced Autopilot try watching the video below:

What is Full-Self Driving (FSD) in your Tesla vehicle?

According to experts, Tesla has introduced a “beta” technology that adds twelve ultrasonic sensors and eight exterior cameras to your new Tesla models.

Then the data collected by these components is used by a potent onboard computer to process it. Computers immediately respond to road conditions by using artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning.

This is one of Tesla’s most effective marketing gimmicks for you to introduce its vehicles as fully autonomous in 2020.  Your Full Self-driving feature of Tesla vehicles combines navigation with Autopilot.

This includes choosing the fastest route, navigating on- and off-ramps, exits, interchanges, and lane changes. Your FSD system can easily detect any obstacle, traffic signal, or vehicle on the road.

It also has some parking functions named Auto Park. They direct your vehicle into a parking space by identifying parallel parking places (speeds: 15 mph) and perpendicular parking spots (speeds: 10 mph).

When your vehicle park automatically your parking brake can engage itself. You can enjoy the features of Summon without the driver being there.

One of the most advanced and important features of FSD for you is that it can stop at traffic lights and can detect them. But unfortunately, FSD is open for you in very limited editions of your Tesla models.

You can only enjoy their features if you have a high safety score.  Since more sensors and processing capabilities than Autopilot, you can say that FSD is more significant and advanced.

To get more information about the Full Self Driving feature in your Tesla watch the given video:

Differences – Tesla EAP vs. FSD

You might hear about Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving features in your Tesla before if you have been considering purchasing a Tesla. To you, they both seem to appear the same, but there are some distinct variances between them. See for yourself in this comparison of Tesla Autopilot and Full Self-Driving.

Let’s see how they differ from one another in more detail.

1) History of Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving

Elon Musk publicly announced the Autopilot feature of Tesla for you in 2013 and stated “For your planes, Autopilot is a good thing and you should also add it in your cars.”

In October 2016, due to technological advancement, Tesla Company switched its Autopilot to Hardware Version 2 (HW2). It is an improved form of general Autopilot and is referred to as Autopilot 2.0.  But it has also simple features.

Then in December 2016, Tesla Company announced another feature for you, “Navigate on Autopilot” and referred to it as Enhanced Autopilot with software version 8.0 updates in January and February of 2017. By using this feature, you can control driving on controlled-access highways from on-ramp to off-ramp. It has also the capacity to change lanes without the need of you. 

Tesla team demonstrated a new technology in October 2016 and named it Full Self Driving Hardware on your Tesla vehicles through a video. The video purported to show the technology that expands automatic driving on local roads.

Then, in November 2016, CEO Elon Musk tweeted a link to a lengthier version of your Tesla vehicle. In the video, you can see that the person in the car does not touch the pedals or the steering wheel at any point. According to Elon Musk “The person in the driver’s seat is just because of legal reasons”.

If you generally talk about FSD, you can say that it is an upgraded version of Autopilot. There were approximately 100,000 beta releases available for anybody to test as of April 2022.

You can watch the video on detail demonstration by Elon Musk:

2) Auto Driving

If you consider EAP and FSD, both can be operated automatically. Auto Park allows you to park your car on its own. You can also find a space to park by using EAP. Both vehicles can be operated automatically and do so pretty well.

In comparison, your FSD-occupied Tesla vehicle can also perform all the above functions. But it can also change lanes and can stop at traffic signals and road signs that are placed on your road. You should use your current FSD according to the instructed manual.

3) Summon

In EAP, you can use the Summon feature in which you can park your vehicle in any direction. It will help you while parking in a small area.

While your Tesla vehicles have FSD features, Summon has some more sophisticated features including EAP features. For example, smart summons can call your Tesla and can be used by you for confined parking places.

4) Traffic Lights

Enhanced Autopilot cannot recognize stop signs or traffic lights. But in contrast to it, your Tesla Full Self Driving can identify at stop at traffic lights. In case, you are in FSD mode your vehicle can automatically stop at red lights. And when the traffic light turns green it will start your Tesla vehicle automatically.

Which Autopilot feature is best for you – EAP vs. FSD?

As compared to EAP, FSD in your Tesla vehicle is a way better option to utilize. It can help you in any way starting from your car driving in cities, and parks, and can also recognize stop signs or traffic signals.

That’s why it is the most preferable for you because it is the most improved version of the fundamental concept of Autopilot.

But for those people who want to save their money, EAP is a fantastic alternative for them as it is cheaper than FSD.

In the end in my opinion, if you want the best of all, grab yourself an FSD right away. Shortly, it must be capable of driving entirely for you, giving you more freedom and pleasure.

Some known Facts about your Tesla EAP and FSD Feature

This article includes all the information you may require about Autopilot features in your Tesla vehicles. So now you can easily differentiate between EAP and FSD. You have both options for yourself. Some facts about both are as under:

1)     You cannot upgrade or replace the FSD feature in your Tesla vehicle.

2)     You have to pay attention to your drive while using EAP.

3)     You can enjoy hands-free driving in FSD.

4)     You have to purchase both EAP and FSD if you want any of them.

5)     FSD can provide you with better quality drive, especially for disabled people.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed all the features of EAP and FSD in your Tesla vehicle with their brief comparison. Some features include:

  • 1)     Auto Driving
  • 2)     Summon
  • 3)     Traffic Lights recognition
  • 4)     Lane changing

We went from all of them in detail and tried to answer all your questions. We would love to hear from you if you have any queries or information related to the topic.

What is the cost of EAP and FSD in your Tesla vehicle?

If you want to add EAP to your Tesla vehicle it will cost you $6,000 or more. In contrast, installing FSD can cost about $12,000.

Who can enjoy the FSD features?

In the US, you can enjoy FSD features in your Tesla vehicle. But if you have a safety score only then you can enjoy the features. Safety score rating depends upon your driving.

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