Tesla Creep Mode Vs Roll Mode (Detailed Compression)

In terms of pushing the limits of innovation, Tesla has become a pathfinder. Tesla’s electric vehicles stand out for their distinctive features and capabilities, but two particular driving modes have drawn the interest of both enthusiasts and owners, these are Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode.

You have the option to choose between the comfort of Creep Mode and the distinctive qualities of Roll Mode based on your personal driving preferences. Are you confused about both options? You are at the right place.

We also deal with similar confused situations and did thorough research on the advantages, and differences of Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode.

In this article, we are going to explore the interesting comparison between Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode, highlighting their advantages, and differences to take into account for each. So, let’s get started.

What is Tesla Creep Mode?

Your Tesla electric vehicle has a driving mode called Tesla Creep Mode that copies the behavior of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles with automatic transmissions.

When Creep Mode is used, a Tesla vehicle will gradually move forward when the gear is in Drive or Reverse without the driver having to press the accelerator.

How does Tesla Creep Mode work?

  • You have to press the brake pedal to stop your electric vehicle as soon as the creep mode is activated. The steps to activate the creep mode on your Tesla are mentioned below in this article.
  • When you slightly lift off some weight from the brake pedal, the Tesla electric vehicle will move a few inches forward or backward.
  • When you release the brake pedal once again, the Tesla vehicle will cover a few inches again.
  • Your Tesla vehicle will not speed up or accelerate when you remove the foot from the brake pedal while in creep mode, instead, it will continue to move extremely slowly either forward or backward.

What is Tesla Roll Mode?

Roll Mode prevents the forward motion of your Tesla generally associated with Creep Mode while the vehicle is in gear and keeps your Tesla stationary.

However, if you are at a hilly place, the car will move in the direction of the slope on its own without any additional acceleration just like a neutral car.

How does Tesla Roll Mode work?

Your Tesla car must either come to a complete stop or at a deceleration for the roll mode to be activated.  The steps to activate the roll mode on your Tesla are mentioned below in this article.

As soon as the roll mode is activated, your Tesla electric car will move freely forward or backward depending on the direction of the gravitational pull or in the direction of the slope.

By applying the brakes, the driver can immediately put their electric car into hold mode and stop it from traveling on its own. 

How to activate the Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode?

To activate the stopping modes of Tesla such as Creep Mode and Roll Mode, you have to follow these steps.

  • Put your Tesla vehicle in “park mode”. For this, press the brake pedal and shift the gear section in the “P” position.
  • On the touchscreen display, tap on the “Control menu” option which is represented by a car symbol or a series of horizontal lines.
  • When you entered the control menu, tap on the “settings” option, represented by a gear or wrench symbol.
  • Now tap on the “Driving “or “Autopilot” option.
  • When you entered the driving or autopilot option, there will be an option for “Stopping Modes”. Tap to enter it.
  • There will be two options for “Hold Mode” and “Creep Mode”.
  • If you want to enable the Creep Mode.
  • Tap to enable it

A confirmation message will appear on the touchscreen display, tap on “OK” to confirm your Creep Mode.

If you want to activate the Roll Mode, .you have to deactivate the Creep Mode.

  • Tap on the creep mode and disable it.
  • A confirmation message will appear on the touchscreen display, tap on “OK” to disable the Creep Mode.

Now Roll Mode is on or the vehicle is in the stationary state.

Differences- Tesla Creep Mode vs Roll Mode.

1. Functionality

Tesla automobiles’ Creep Mode copies the actions of conventional automatic gearbox vehicles. When your car is in drive or reverse and you release the brake pedal, the vehicle steadily advances or retreats without the need for input from the accelerator pedal.

Roll Mode in your Tesla car is not an authorized mode. The phrase “Roll Mode” could be used to describe when your vehicle is in gear but not moving since there is no creep.

In other words, when you let off the brake, your car does not move. If your car moves it will be due to a slope or gravity.

2. Energy utilization

If you thought of the Roll Mode of your Tesla as the absence of creep, it can increase energy efficiency or reduce energy utilization by minimizing pointless movements and possibly enhancing regenerative braking.

Due to the vehicle’s constant low-speed movement, Creep Mode may have little consumption of energy.

3. Activation

In your Tesla automobiles, the settings panel allows you to enable or disable the optional Creep Mode setting.

Tesla vehicles don’t have a setting or mode specifically designated as Roll Mode, but when creep and hold modes are off in your Tesla or when in gear, this behavior is what your Tesla vehicle in do by default.

4. User Preference

You like Creep Mode because it resembles the way you used your traditional vehicle functioning.

Roll Mode is preferred by you because it prevents any forward or backward creep and offers a more controlled and stationary feel.

5. Purpose

When you are switching from conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, Creep Mode seeks to offer a comfortable experience for you. When you are navigating to narrow locations like parking lots or stop-and-go traffic, it can be helpful.

When the vehicle is in gear, Roll Mode, which may be thought of as the absence of creep, enables your vehicle to maintain a fixed position, minimizing any inadvertent forward or backward movement.

But when you are at a slope or hill, the vehicle will roll forward or backward in the direction of the slope.

Final thoughts

In this article, I have discussed with you all of the possible advantages and differences that are found in Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode.

You may appreciate the careful engineering and deliberate design choices that contribute to the overall Tesla driving experience by acquiring a thorough understanding of Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode

This article has all the information you require about Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode. If you want to find out more about Tesla Creep Mode and Roll Mode, you can contact us on our contact page.


The decision between Creep Mode and Roll Mode is individualized and dependent on the driving environment and your preferences.

Your Tesla vehicle’s settings menu makes it simple to enable or disable both modes, letting you customize and improve your driving experience over time.

In the end, I advise you to enable the Creep Mode whenever you are at a place with heavy traffic or where your vehicle is in stop and go situation.

You should choose the Roll Mode when you want your vehicle to be stationary or when you are at e slope and want to move slowly without energy consumption.

Here I have answered a few of the questions you could have here. Please get in touch with me if you have any other queries or suggestions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Do all Tesla models have Creep Mode?

No, All Tesla models do not have Creep Mode.  It is only present in some recent models such as Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3.

How long Creep Mode will remain ON?         

Creep Mode will remain on until you have enabled another mode or disabled the Creep Mode.

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