Tesla Car Wash Mode Not Available (How To Fix)

Imagine it is a sunny afternoon in the summer, you have an important dinner to attend, and your automobile is dirty enough to wash.

When you decided to wash your car first and sat in the driver’s seat to activate the car wash mode, you were shocked to see that the car wash option had vanished from the settings menu. Won’t this situation frustrate you? Yes, of course.

We also encountered a similar situation and we faced a lot of problems while washing our Tesla and perform thorough research on the causes of the Tesla Car Wash Mode not being available and their possible fixes.

In this article, I am going to explain to you the reasons Tesla Car Wash Mode is not available and their possible solutions that will help you to solve your problem.

What is Tesla Car Wash Mode?

Tesla’s Car Wash Mode, which was warmly encouraged was created to make it easier for you to wash your cars.

Enabling this mode allows the car’s sensors, cameras, and automated systems to cooperate to navigate the complex spaces of a car wash area while preventing potential crashes and producing spotless results.

How to activate Tesla Car Wash Mode?

Tesla car Wash Mode activation is a simple process that can be done by following these steps.

  • Put your Tesla car in “Park Mode” by applying parking brakes.
  • Turn on your Tesla touchscreen display by tapping on the “Power button” located at the top right or bottom right corner of the screen.
  • From the main menu on the screen tap on the “Control” option.
  • Now you have to select the “Vehicle” or “Settings” option. Tap on it
  • The vehicle or settings menu shows you the option for “Car Wash Mode”
  • Tap the Car Wash Mode to enable it.
  • A confirmation message will appear on the touchscreen display, Tap on “Ok

When you have completed your car wash process. Tap on the Car Wash Mode again to disable it

What happens when you enable a car wash?

Tesla’s Car Wash Mode performs several tasks when it is activated for the safety of your Tesla which set it apart from other innovations in the car washing industry.

When you activate the Car Wash Mode, it will perform the following functions.

  1. Disable Automatic wipers
  2. Automatic mirrors folding
  3. Disable sentry mode
  4. Locking of charging port
  5. Disable walk-away door locks
  6. Close all the Windows
  7. Recirculation of climate
  8. Close the Trunk
  9. Close the Frunk

Reason for Tesla Car Wash Mode not available

There are many possible reasons for the deletion of Tesla’s Car Wash Mode from the settings menu of your Tesla vehicle. These reasons are Software Updates, Local Regulations Hardware Restrictions, and Technical Issues. Let’s examine these specific reasons for the disappearance in detail and discuss each with potential solutions.

1. Software Updates

Updates to the software are routinely made by your Tesla vehicle to provide you with greater speed, add new features, and fix bugs or other problems.

After a software update, your Tesla Car Wash Mode may occasionally temporarily vanish from the settings menu of your Tesla as the feature is enhanced or modified.


It is advised you that, often check for software updates and install the most recent Tesla version to address this.

You should restore the Car Wash Mode in your Tesla vehicle in the options menu when the latest software has been installed.

To restore the Car Wash Mode in your Tesla vehicle, you should follow these steps

  • Put your Tesla vehicle in “Park Mode” by applying Parking brakes.
  • On the touchscreen display, you have to tap on the “Control Menu”.
  • Now, tap on the “Service” or “Software” option.
  • There you will see the option for Car Wash Mode. Tap on it to enter the settings of Car Wash Mode
  • If you can’t find Car Wash Mode here, you should tap on the “switch” or “checkbox” to enable it.
  • Now you to tap on “OK” to confirm your selection.

The “switch” or “checkbox” enables your automobile to switch into a specific mode where multiple settings are adjusted to get ready for a Car Wash Mode.

2. Local Regulations

The availability or use of Car Wash Mode for you may be impacted by regional or local legislation or standards relating to car wash facilities, safety procedures, or technological requirements.

To adhere to local laws and protect the integrity and safety of their vehicles, Tesla may turn off Car Wash Mode in some places.


If the Car Was Mode in your Tesla vehicle becomes unavailable due to local regulations, you have to follow the given instructions

You should do some research and familiarize yourself with any local laws or ordinances that would prevent you from using Car Wash Mode.

If you want to know about any restrictions on autonomous vehicle movement during a car wash, you should consult your local transportation or automobile rules.

If you find any car wash facility that permits your Tesla without Car Wash Mode, let the staff know the precise criteria and any safety concerns.

You should inform the staff about the parts of your electric car and the necessity to prevent practices that could harm the electronics of the vehicle.

You should guide them on the following points

  • You should tell the staff to disable the Tesla’s automatic wipers and windows manually before starting the car wash. This prevents accidental activation of certain features during the car wash process, which could be troublesome.
  • You should guide the staff to choose the hand wash option. Hand wash services are more suited for electric vehicles because they include hand cleaning without the requirement for motorized vehicle movement.
  • You should tell the staff that before entering the car wash, carefully fasten any loose items, such as phone holders or dashcams. It’s crucial to avoid losing or damaging any personal items while car wash.
  • Tell them your Tesla needs to be manually cleaned with the right supplies and cleaning agents. Make sure the staff observes recommended procedures while washing your Tesla, and give it a thorough cleaning.

3. Hardware Restriction

Some Tesla vehicles may have hardware restrictions that inhibit the use of Car Wash Mode in your Tesla. In such circumstances, the lack of a Car Wash Mode represents a design limitation.

Unfortunately, enabling Car Wash Mode on vehicles with these hardware restrictions may not be possible directly.


Because Car Wash Mode in your Tesla is a software-based feature, if it is not accessible because of hardware limitations, it signifies that your Tesla lacks the sensors or other components needed to implement the feature.

To find out whether there are any solutions or suggestions particular to your car, you might consider alternate car wash techniques or speak with Tesla customer care.

4. Technical Issues

 Occasionally, technical problems or glitches may occur that affect Car Wash Mode’s accessibility or performance. There are the following solutions for these technical issues


If your Tesla Car is having this problem due to technical reasons, you should try the following actions to possibly fix the issue

Make sure that your Tesla’s software is updated by checking for updates. Software upgrades can sometimes fix technical problems with certain functions, like Car Wash Mode.

You should install any updates that are available by visiting the Tesla mobile app or the company’s official website.

To update the software for your Tesla vehicle, you should follow these steps

  • On the touchscreen of your Tesla vehicle, tap on the “Car menu”.
  • In the car menu, there will be an option for “Software”. You should tap on it.
  • Now there will be an option for “Software updates”.
  • Choose the option for “Check for updates”.
  • Click on the “Download and Install” button.

This process will take some time, you have to wait to complete the update download and install procedure.

Once the software update is complete, your Tesla touchscreen will show a message for restarting the vehicle. Now you have to follow the screen instructions to restart your vehicle.

After the restart of the vehicle, you should go to the setting menu to check for Car Wash Mode.

You should hold down both of the scroll wheels on the steering wheel until the touchscreen turns blank and the Tesla logo appears to try conducting a soft reset on your Tesla.

Minor software bugs can frequently be fixed by doing this action, which might also enable your Car Wash Mode once more.

4. Contact Tesla Support

If the issue with your Tesla Car Wash Mode persists, contact Tesla customer support through the mobile app, website, or by phone.

Explain the problem with Car Wash Mode unavailability in your car and provide any relevant details about your Tesla model and software version. Tesla’s support team can investigate the issue further and guide on potential solutions.

Final Thoughts

We have covered all the potential causes and solutions for the issue with the Tesla Car Wash Mode not available.

In this article, the issues are discussed along with potential solutions. These issues are

  1. Software Updates
  2. Local Regulations
  3. Hardware Restrictions
  4. Technical Issues

We discussed in great detail all of these and addressed any questions you might have had.

Please get in touch with us if you have information to share with us on this subject. We will be glad to hear from you.

Does the unavailability of Car Wash Mode have any impact on the vehicle’s warranty?

No, the warranty of your car is typically unaffected by the absence of Tesla’s Car Wash Mode. Automobile Wash Mode is an optional feature that makes it easier to wash your automobile, but it has no impact on the vehicle’s core performance or functioning.

Can I use third-party car wash facilities with my Tesla even without Car Wash Mode?

Yes, you can use your Tesla to wash your car at a third-party facility even when it’s not in Car Wash Mode.

Depending on the services offered at the facility, you can select from manual hand washes, touchless car washes, soft cloth car washes, and other options.

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