Tesla Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting (Fixed)

You are a Tesla owner. It’s your first electric car and you use it daily. You enjoy it a lot and you are completely satisfied with it and suddenly something happens.

You are trying to operate your vehicle through your smartphone but it isn’t working and you came to know that the blue tooth has been disconnected. You connect it again and after some time the same thing happens. Wouldn’t it be annoying and frustrating?

Or you are driving your Tesla and enjoying the ride listening to your favorite music and suddenly the music stops. You check everything and you noticed that the blue tooth is disconnected. You connect it again and it happens again. It would be very frustrating and irritating.

So, in this article, we will discuss the causes of the problem Tesla’s blue tooth keeps disconnecting and try to provide you with a possible solution to solve this issue. 

Let‘s get started.

Why Is My Tesla Bluetooth Not Working?

Tesla’s blue tooth is one of the essential features of your car. It allows you to operate and control your vehicle through your smartphone and you can enjoy the music while driving and many more.

There are many reasons for your Tesla Bluetooth not working. There are reasons to include issues with the app, Bluetooth, your smartphone, and your Tesla. Now I’m going to describe the problems and the solutions to you.

01. Problems with the app

If your Tesla blue tooth is not working, the first thing you should check is if there is any fault or issue with the app.

Due to various issues, Tesla could also be the reason for this problem. The app may have issues due to low storage or an outdated Tesla app.


The solutions to today all the issues with the app are very simple and easy you can easily detect what’s wrong with your app and fix that problem.

  1. The first thing you should do is to make sure that the app is connected to your car. Sometimes due to the slip of touch, someone else has disconnected the Tesla from the app.
  1. Now before you get overwhelmed with various steps and settings check and make sure that the Tesla app is running in the background.

Sometimes when we drop our phone we forget and close all the running apps in the background. If this happens you won’t be able to connect the Bluetooth with your car no matter how hard you try.

You need to keep the Tesla app running in the background if you want to connect it to your Tesla car. Or else it will keep disconnecting.

  1. Apps sometimes have problems due to glitches and bugs of mobile and causing the app not to perform well and causing them to face glitches that permanently affect the app’s activity until you can log out.

So, try to log out and log in to the app again and see if it fixes the problem. Make sure to stay logged out of the app for at least 30 seconds.

  1. The cache storage of the app is also very important. It saves the activities of the app and when a bug enters the app, it is automatically saved in cache storage.

Whenever the app runs, the bug also runs with it and causes the malfunction of the app. So if you facing the problem of Tesla’s blue tooth keeps disconnecting, this could also be a reason. So you should delete or clear the cache storage to fix the problem.

  1. The outdated app could also be a reason why you are facing this problem. Because there might be a new feature that allows pairing the blue tooth better.

So if you are using an older version update it to the latest version from the play store or app store to fix the problem. 

Follow these steps to update your app;

  • Open “google play store” or “app store”.
  • Search for “Tesla” or “Tesla mobile app”.
  • Now update the app.

02. Issue with Tesla

No doubt Tesla makes electric vehicles of high-end quality and uses high-quality products in their cars. But technology is the thing that can’t be trusted.

Technology can get faulty due to slide changes or problems in it. It can get faulty even do a few drops of water. One of its essential technologies is Bluetooth which helps you a lot.

But it becomes very irritating when it keeps disconnecting and causes other problems. But it is not as technical and challenging as it seems you can easily fix the Bluetooth problems by the methods I am going to explain.


01. When you notice that the reason for the problem is the Tesla the first thing you should try is a soft reset to fix the problem. The soap reset allows you to make soft or minor changes. The soft reset of your Tesla car is similar to the restarting of the phone. The soft reset will remove the bug or issue.

You can perform a software set by following the steps.

  • Hold down both of the scroll buttons on your steering wheel.
  • Wait for the touchscreen to turn black.
  • Wait for extra 30 seconds after the Tesla logo appears for the complete soft reboot.

02. You can also perform a hard reset by disconnecting the 12V battery and allowing the electronics to discharge.

03. If the software of your Tesla is outdated it may also be the cause of the disconnecting problem. Ensure that you did not miss any updates for your model.

You should always leave your Wi-Fi on so that new updates will get featured as soon as they drop.

Follow this time to update your Tesla.

  • Show that your Tesla is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap on the “controls” icon and scroll down and select “software“.
  • Tap on “software update” to check for available updates.
  • Tap on “Install now” or “Download and install“.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.
  • After the update is installed your Tesla will automatically reboot.
  • If the software reboot does not fix the problem then you can also reset your Tesla to fix the problem of Bluetooth disconnecting.

Remember that when you do this you will lose any critical data, settings, or information you have on your Tesla.

Follow this app to perform the reset of Tesla.

  • Ensure that you are car is parked and turned off.
  • Press and hold the buttons located on the left and right sides of the steering.
  • Wait for the reset to complete. The Tesla logo will appear on the touchscreen when the reset will be completed.
  • The low battery of your vehicle could also be the cause for the problem Tesla Bluetooth keeps disconnecting.

04. If your car is receiving low voltage it can cause malfunctioning of Bluetooth and many other features. To fix this problem try to recharge the battery or replace it with the new one if needed.

05. If none of the described reasons and their solutions work then your Tesla may have a complicated issue.

Then the best solution for you is to connect the Tesla customer support. They will diagnose the problem and will assist you in fixing the problem.

03. Issues with the cell phone

The malfunctioning of your mobile phone could also be the reason for the problem of Tesla Bluetooth.

The bugs and glitches can enter your mobile phone no matter which type of device you are using or how versatile it is.

These bugs and glitches cause the malfunction of your call phone. You can easily fix the malfunction of your cell phone by removing these bugs and glitches so various methods.


01. Switching your phone off and then switching it on is an easy and simple solution to fix the problem caused due to glitches. This fix works when the clutch is temporary.

After switching it back on you will probably be starting a fully functional phone. It is better to wait for at least 10 seconds before switching on the phone.

02. Restarting your phone can also fix your problem.

To restart the phone follow these steps.

  • Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
  • Now click on restart.
  • Again click on the restart and confirm it.
  • Your phone will turn off and on without any delay.

03. Updating your device can also fix problems like this. The latest version of the device software will help you connect with Bluetooth more easily and quickly.

To update the software,

  • Go to your “phone settings”.
  • Go to “General”.
  • Tap on “software updates”
  • Check for updates.
  • Now click on “Download and install“.

04. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to reset the network settings. Resetting the network settings will change the settings to default and will remove the bugs and glitches in it.

Follow these steps to reset your network settings.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to “General”.
  • Tap on “Reset iPhone”.
  • Tap on “Reset network settings”.
  • Enter your “Passcode”
  • Again tap on “reset network settings”.

05. Enabling the “discoverable mode” can also fix the problem. By default, your phone may have discoverable mode turned off to protect privacy and prevent unauthorized connections.

However, when you enable discoverable mode on your device, you allow other Bluetooth devices to find and connect to your device.

You can enable it by following these steps;

  • Turn on your blue tooth.
  • You will options like “Visibility,” “Discoverable,” or “Allow connections.”
  • Tap on this option to access the visibility settings.
  • Enable “Discoverable” Mode.
  • Confirm and Exit Settings.

06. Factory resetting your phone will remove all the bugs, glitches will change settings to default. And it will remove all the data from your phone.

To factory reset follow these steps.

  • Go to “settings”.
  • Go to “general”.
  • Tap on “reset iPhone”.
  • Tap on “reset all settings”.
  • Enter your passcode.
  • Again tap on “reset all settings”.

04. The Device is Not Connected Properly

Sometimes what happens is your smartphone is connected with you not connected properly due to some issues and bugs. It happens with some other devices like the internet device etc.

In this situation, you just need to properly connect it to your Tesla to fix the problem.


1. The first thing you should be used to is to forget the network and other networks also and reconnect it with your Tesla Bluetooth to properly connect it.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Go to the Bluetooth setting. Click on the “Tesla Bluetooth“.
  • Click on “Forget this network“.
  • Repeat the same process with all other networks and forget them if they are not necessary.
  • Now again pair Tesla Bluetooth with your smartphone and now it will be connected properly.

2. This is also a solution if you don’t want to forget the networks, restart the Bluetooth of your smartphone and your Tesla.

Turn off the Bluetooth of your smartphone and after a few seconds turn it on again. Also, turn off the Bluetooth of your Tesla for 10 to 20 seconds, and turn it back on. Doing this will also help in connecting Bluetooth properly.

3. Also, make sure that the device and the vehicle are close to each other. The device is within the range of Tesla’s blue tooth.

If they are not close enough, the Tesla blue tooth will not be connected properly and will keep disconnecting.

05. Connect Tesla customer support

If none of the described solutions fixes the problem, you should connect to Tesla customer support. They will diagnose the problem and will assist you with the solution.

Some other problems you might face

You’re enjoying the journey with your Tesla and your favorite song and all of a sudden songs stop playing and there is no sound in the speaker. You might think that it’s the problem in the Bluetooth but sometimes it’s the problem in this song when the app you are playing the song with.

If the song stops playing suddenly, there may be an issue with the song. Try to play the song before connecting it to your Tesla.

It is also possible that the app you are using to play the song has got bugs and glitches. Try restarting the phone and clearing the cache storage. Or maybe try using some other apps like Spotify, apple music and SoundCloud, etc.

If the blue tooth is connected and there is no sound in the speakers then there are some chances that we have faulty speakers. Check the wiring of the speakers or their components that may get faulty. Fix them or replace them with new ones if needed. Check the speakers also, they may also get faulty.

Can I connect multiple devices to my Tesla’s Bluetooth simultaneously?

Yes, Tesla vehicles support multiple Bluetooth connections, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

What can I do if my Tesla’s Bluetooth connection keeps dropping intermittently?

Try restarting both the vehicle’s media system and the connected device, and ensure that both are with a stable connection.

Is there any way to improve the Bluetooth audio quality in my Tesla?

Yes, you can optimize audio settings on both the vehicle and the connected device, and ensure a stable network connection for improved audio quality.

Why does my Tesla’s Bluetooth connection interfere with my Wi-Fi network?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi operate on the same frequency band, which can cause interference. Consider disabling Wi-Fi temporarily while using the blue tooth.

Can I use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in my Tesla instead of Bluetooth?

No, Tesla vehicles do not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Final thoughts

We know that the problems like Tesla Bluetooth keep disconnecting and are annoying. So we researched for you and provided you with all the possible causes and solutions for this problem. The causes include,

  • Problems with the Tesla app.
  • Problems with the Tesla.
  • Problems with the device.
  • Tesla Bluetooth is not connected properly.

And we have provided you with all the possible solutions for it. We have also some other problems that you might have with your Tesla Bluetooth.

We have also answered some questions that you might have in your mind. If you have something to share with us regarding this topic feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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