Tesla Battery Draining Fast While Driving (10 Ways To Fix)

The range of the Tesla is always a main concern of people. However, Tesla also tries to provide you with a maximum range.

But sudden changes in your range like Tesla draining the battery while driving can be very problematic. Tesla is draining the battery more than expected and more than before. It will cause you to charge your Tesla more frequently and it would be very frustrating.

One of my friends faced the same problem. He even had to tow his car to take it to the charging station. He told me and we researched and found out about the Tesla draining battery while driving.

In this article, we will be going to discuss all the causes of it and will help you to solve this problem.

Let’s get started…

Tesla battery draining fast while driving – Causes and Solutions

There are many reasons for your Tesla battery draining fast while driving and all have their specific solution. These include

Now I am going to explain all these causes and their solutions in detail.

1. High-speed driving

Driving your car at a high speed can cause your Tesla to drain the battery. If you used to drive your car slowly before and nowadays due to busyness you are driving your Tesla at a high speed.

If you are traveling and driving your car at a high speed on the highway, you will see a prominent difference in the draining of the battery. Your Tesla will drain your battery more with high speed.

It is because the energy consumption from the speed is proportional to the square of the speed. By doubling your speed, the energy consumption will increase by four times.

So driving your car at low speed can reduce the draining of your battery while driving. When your speed will be slow, the draining of batter or consumption of energy will be low.

2. Stop-and-go in hot and cold weather

When you are in a stop-and-go situation and it is hot outside, you will be draining your battery at a stop while your car is not moving and the climate system is on. Your climate system will be running for a longer period without moving.

The battery of your Tesla will drain faster in this situation. In this case, if you want to have more range or make your Tesla drain your battery slowly, you will have to slow down or turn off your climate system.

3. Short trips in hot or cold weather

In hot or cold weather you’ll have to use your climate control system at its full power for a few minutes to get the cabin to the desired temperature.

If you will not use the climate system at its full power, it will reduce the draining of the battery of your Tesla and you will not get your desired temperature.

To maintain this temperature you will also need to use your climate system with full power for your comfort. Your Tesla will drain your battery to maintain this temperature.

4. Uphill driving

If you are driving in hilly areas and you are taking your car up the hill, your Tesla will drain more battery than driving on a straight road.

Your Tesla will use more energy while moving up the hill because of the gravitational pull. Try to get the straight road as soon as possible to solve this problem.

5. Extreme weather

Extreme weather conditions can also cause this issue. Due to extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, and headwinds, you will face this issue.

Head and side winds will increase air drag on your Tesla. Your Tesla will consume more energy to overcome these air drags and will provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride.

Rain and snow will increase the tire drag of your Tesla. More batteries will be drained while moving your Tesla through rain and snow to overcome these tire drags.

When it’s raining heavily or the wind is blowing, try to park your Tesla at a safe place until it stops or slows down. Use clean roads instead of driving on snow.

6. Use of aftermarket equipment  

Aftermarket equipment like wheels, tires, roofs, trailer hitch racks, etc can also cause this problem. The width of aftermarket tires is greater than your normal Tesla stop tires which increases the tire drag.

So your Tesla will drain more battery while driving with aftermarket tires. The diameter of aftermarket wheels is usually greater than the stock Tesla wheels.

The aftermarket wheels increase the stability of your Tesla and increase the tire drag. So the battery will be drained fastly.

If you have attached a trailer or a bike rack with your Tesla, your Tesla will need more power to move so your battery will drain faster. Removing such aftermarket equipment will help you in resolving this issue.

7. Cold weather

Internal combustion engine vehicles use the heat generated by the engine to heat the cabin to maintain the desired temperature, but in Tesla, it is not like that.

Your Tesla uses the battery to heat the cabin using a climate system to maintain the desired temperature which causes the battery to drain fast.

You can improve the efficiency of cabin heating by changing your acceleration mode to chill. The chill mode will allow the heat pump to take more heat from the battery to heat the cabin instead of providing peak acceleration performance.

So in cold weather changing the mode to chill can stop the battery to drain faster while driving.

Try to plug in your Tesla whenever possible. It will also heat your battery and will help to maintain the desired temperature in cold weather.

8. Charging routine

The charging routine of your Tesla can greatly affect draining the battery of your Tesla. If you will use your Tesla while the battery of your Tesla is below 20%, it will affect the health of your battery.

If you use the Tesla when the battery is too low for an extended period. Your Tesla will start to drain more battery than before. Charge your Tesla properly before using it.

Keep your Tesla battery level above 20% and below 80% to keep the battery of your Tesla healthy and efficient.

9. Weight of your Tesla

If the weight in your Tesla is greater than the tyre drag will increase due to the gravitational pull. And your Tesla will consume more energy and this will drain the battery of your Tesla faster.

Reducing the weight of your Tesla will solve this problem.

10. Battery age

If the battery life of your Tesla is exceeded then it can be the reason. You should change your battery before it gets too old. This will also resolve this issue.

Some other reasons for draining your battery

Some other reasons that can drain the battery of your Tesla are given below.

1. Vampire battery drain

Tesla has many technological components that are never 100% asleep even when your Tesla has been turned off.

These technological components drain your battery even when your Tesla is parked and turned off.

2. Application usage

If you are using third-party apps on your computer system you may forget to close these apps after using these third-party apps.

If these third-party apps are not closed properly this could drain the battery of your Tesla faster.

3. Sentry mode activation

Sentry mode is a feature for the safety of your Tesla when you are not around.

In sentry mode, the cameras of your Tesla start recording whenever someone touches your Tesla or comes in the range of the cameras of your Tesla.

So, if anyone tries to break into your Tesla or damage your Tesla, you will be informed.

This mode can cause a significant drain in your battery when it is activated. It is best to turn it off and activate it when needed.

4. Smart summon mode

The summon mode allows you to move your Tesla towards you through your phone. When your car is parked somewhere, you can use this mode to call your Tesla towards you.

If you leave this mode activated, this will drain the Tesla faster even when your Tesla is parked and turned off.

5. Cabin overheating protection

Cabin overheat protection is a climate control feature that protects your Tesla’s cabin from overheating even when it is parked.

Although it is a very useful feature but keeping it all the time can cause your Tesla to drain the battery faster.

Tips to save the battery from draining

The range has always been a main concern for Tesla users. Here are a few tips to save your Tesla from draining faster and increase your range.

  • Use Energy saving mode.
  • Use the Tesla Energy app.
  • Turn off the smart preconditioning.
  • Closeout Apps.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Turn off the sentry mood.
  • Turn off summon.
  • Use chill mode.
  • Use regenerative braking.
  • Adjust the suspension height to “low”.
  • Maintain your Tesla tire pressure.
  • Remove unnecessary cargo.
  • Remove roof racks and rear racks.
  • Reduce aerodynamic drag by closing your Tesla windows.

Final thoughts

So far we have discussed all the possible problems and their solutions for Tesla battery training fast while driving. These include,

  1. High driving speed.
  2. Stop and go driving in hot or cold weather.
  3. Short trips in hot and cold weather.
  4. Uphill driving.
  5. Driving in rain snow and headwinds.
  6. Use of aftermarket wheels and tires.
  7. Use of roof or trailer hitch racks.
  8. Extremely cold weather.
  9. Your charging habit.
  10. Weight in your Tesla.
  11. Battery age.

These causes and resolutions are deeply explained in this article. We have also discussed some other causes for draining the battery of your Tesla. Also, provide some tips to increase the range of your Tesla.

If you have any information that you want to share with us regarding the Tesla battery draining fast while driving, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

How much does a Tesla battery replacement cost?

It cost between $10,000 to $20,000 to replace the battery of your Tesla.

After how long Tesla battery should be replaced?

Tesla battery should be replaced after 100000 to 150000 miles.

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