Resetting Tesla Car Colorizer (How To Reset)

The option to change the color of your Tesla on the display was one of the most intriguing new features in the update. With the most recent Tesla update, version 2022.4.5, you can easily access the feature globally.

You can choose the color and paint finish for your car after the Color Colorizer has been launched. You can select from the available colors including solid, metallic, and matte paint finishes.

In this article, I will discuss the question that might come into your mind How to reset the Tesla car colorizer along with its features.

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How to Reset Tesla Car Colorizer

When a new color is selected, it will be reflected in all of your Tesla car’s operating system visualizations, including the full OS, driving visualizations, the audio balance, software menus, and the app.

Tesla’s Car Colorizer does not significantly modify the outside paint or tint. Only the infotainment system and other graphics can use the capability.

Color presets allow for the storage of many hues, making it simple for you to compare and switch between them. Tesla also stores the original color of your car so you may quickly return to it.

In your Tesla mobile app or on the Tesla website, you have the option to customize your automobile avatar. The car avatar, which will be found in your app or on the Tesla account page, is a virtual depiction of your Tesla vehicle.

After adjustments, if you want to return the car colorizer to its default or original settings, such as altering the virtual car’s color in your Tesla app, you can generally follow these steps:

1)     You should start by launching the Tesla mobile app on your tablet or smartphone.

2)     If you do not have the app, you may download it from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

3)     You have to sign in before using it further. You should enter your login information to access your Tesla account.

4)     Once you log in, look for the option to view your Tesla car avatar.

5)     Depending on the app version you have, the precise location could change a little.

6)     You have to find and choose the app’s section where your Tesla vehicle’s avatar or other representation is shown. This area is typically located on the home screen or in the settings menu of your Tesla car.

7)     You should investigate the available customization possibilities in the “car avatar” area. You have to look for the options that affect the color, design, or customization of your Tesla car. Tesla frequently offers a selection of colors to you, including red, blue, white, black, silver, etc. You can select your preferred color from the available options.

8)     You should look for a “reset” or “default” button or option in the customization menu. Usually, if you choose this option it will return your automobile avatar to its default settings, including color.

9)     After that, you should save the changes. To apply the color you have chosen to your Tesla car avatar, save the changes after making your choice.

10) For the app to sync the changes with your Tesla account and display the updated Tesla car avatar, make sure you have a steady internet connection.

For an overview, you can watch this video:

Please be aware that depending on the version of your Tesla mobile app or the digital platform you are using, the specific processes and terminology may change.


1)     Your Tesla mobile app’s car colorizer frequently enables you to choose from a variety of colors to reflect your car. You can choose from various tints of red, blue, white, black, silver, and other colors that may be among the available color possibilities.

2)     You can either select their chosen color for the digital depiction or the hue that most closely matches your Tesla car.

3)     Typically, Tesla car colorizers are made to be simple to use and available to all Tesla owners. To ensure that you have quickly gone through the color-choosing process and designed your car avatar to your tastes, they strive to deliver a fluid and intuitive interface.

4)     The Tesla app’s ability to modify the car colorizer gives you an extra touch of personality. It enables you to distinguish your vehicle from other Tesla models or users visually via the app.

5)     A lot of automotive colorizers provide a live preview of the selected color on your car avatar. As you choose different colors, the virtual representation of your Tesla vehicle immediately adjusts to show you how it might seem in that shade.

6)     You can either keep your personalized color options or share them with others using some automobile colorizers. With the help of this tool, you can keep track of your favorite color schemes and display your personalized Tesla avatar online or in the Tesla community.

7)     You can compare many color selections side by side using the comparison tool that certain automobile colorizers offer. With the use of this tool, you may compare various colors on the car avatar to help you make an informed decision before committing.

8)     If you have sold or transferred ownership of your Tesla vehicle to another person, resetting the car colorizer can assist in ensuring that the new owner sees the vehicle’s default color.

9)     If you have experimented with different colors and want to return to the original color representation and you want to reverse the color modifications you made when you customized the car avatar since you made a mistake you can also do this using your Tesla car colorizer.

Recommendations for the Future

1)     You must remember that Tesla often updates its mobile app with new features and enhancements. As a result, the procedure for personalizing your car avatar or resetting the car colorizer may change over time.

2)     You need to keep in mind that your Tesla car colorizer mostly exists in the digital world, giving owners of the electric car a means to interact aesthetically with their automobiles via a mobile app or other platforms.

3)     Although it does not change the way your car looks on the outside, it gives you a fun and unique way to interact with your electric vehicles.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed all the points related to Resetting the Tesla Car Colorizer. The steps you may follow to reset your car colorizer may include:

  • Sign in to your Tesla app.
  • Select the Tesla car avatar option.
  • Look for available customization possibilities.
  • Select the rest or default option.
  • Save the changes.
  • In case of further assistance, you should contact to Tesla customer service center.

You can give Tesla direct feedback if you have any specific requests or recommendations for car colorizer features or customization options. They welcome customer input and may take into account adding new features depending on it.

*You are welcome to raise any questions you may have regarding this article. I will do everything I can to assist you.

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