Is Tesla’s Premium Connectivity Worth It? (Detailed Answer)

Tesla premium connectivity is a paid service that offers a variety of features to drivers to make them drive safely and easily.

At the end of the free trial period,  people go through the dilemma of whether or not to subscribe to premium connectivity. Is premium connectivity worth such a huge investment?

Are you one of them? If yes, say goodbye to all of your doubts and worries. We are here to explain all aspects of premium connectivity. Hope this will help you to figure out the answer to every question in your mind.

Is Tesla’s premium connectivity worth it?

According to our experience, Tesla’s premium connectivity is worth it. Its worth varies from person to person based on needs and choices. 

We have explained all pros and cons of premium connectivity which will help you to decide whether or not to buy a subscription.


1. Live traffic visualization

In today’s busy world, we all want to save time. The live traffic feature displays heavy traffic routes with red and orange markings. moreover, it will be aware of events, constructions, or delays that can affect your route.

After being aware of everything, you can choose your route more accurately. There will be no chance of wastage of your time.

 If you love to explore the world this feature will help you a lot to reach your destination in time without any frustration. So if you want to avoid heavy traffic roads, tolls, and ferries, get subscribed to premium connectivity.

Without premium connectivity, you would have to rely on other websites or apps to choose your route.

No doubt standard connectivity offers navigation but it can’t save you from getting stuck in a traffic jam or other troubles like it.

You can use your phone for navigation through Google Maps but it is not trustworthy due to network issues, errors, and unsafe driving.

2. Satellite view

This feature provides live traffic updates, and aerial viewpoint/interpretation of route and destination before you reach there. 

By using this feature You can find the best parking position nearest to your destination(restaurant, picnic point, hospital theater, etc.) which you are going to visit for the first time. 

It will not only save you time but you too from the weather. It will also help you find charging stations.

This feature makes premium connectivity worth it. On the other hand, standard connectivity does not provide this feature.

3. Music and video streaming

Music and video streaming is a feature used by almost everyone. You can play any audio or video clip on the screen without waiting for a connection with a WIFI hotspot each time.

You do have not to worry about slow browsing. You can also play a clip of your choice with voice command ultimately making your driving safe. Streaming offers a variety of apps:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Radio
  • Bluetooth

All these help you to enjoy your journey.

No doubt you can use your phone for music and video streaming but it has two negative points. Driving is no longer safe while using a phone.

Running music or video is not as smooth as with premium connectivity due to a slow network or no network.

4. Sentry mode (view live camera)

Sentry mode is one of the best features of premium connectivity which makes your vehicle safe and secure when you are not around it.

If you are concerned with the safety of your precious vehicle, this feature will keep you relaxed and calm even when parked. 

Once sentry mode is enabled, vehicle sensors and cameras will remain powered on to record any kind of threat around your vehicle when it is parked. 

If any danger or suspicious activity is detected, sentry mode will pulse the headlights, alarm sounds display a message on the screen for the outsider, and alert you by sending a notification on your phone through the mobile app. 

You can also get footage of the event which was saved to your USB drive installed in your vehicle.

The best part you will love is that if sentry mode turns off for any reason, the mobile app will send a notification to your phone.

Standard connectivity doesn’t provide this feature. If you think this feature is useful for you, premium connectivity is worth it. Go and buy the subscription, you will not regret it.

5. Dog mode (view live camera)

If you are a pet lover and keep your pet with you while traveling, this feature will make you love premium connectivity and admit it’s worth it. 

Suppose you are going to a business meeting or have to visit a market in a hurry and then you hesitate to leave your pet alone in the car. 

You don’t need to worry, dog mode is the solution to your problem. When enabled, dog mode will maintain the internal temperature of the vehicle, no matter how cold or hot weather it is. 

Moreover, it will display a message on the screen to let outsiders know your pet is safe. This message looks like “My driver will be back soon. Don’t worry ! AC is on and it’s 69’F”.

Standard connectivity does not offer this feature. But if you have a pet or you often have to leave your baby in the car, you must buy a subscription for premium connectivity.

6. Karaoke

Wonder what Caraoke is? It is an app for people who love to sing. By using it, you can sing your favorite song. 

You can enable or disable songs’ main vocals, instrumental and background vocals. Karaoke lyrics are intended for only passengers. 

Drivers should not use it because driving needs your full attention. You can use it if you have a subscription for premium connectivity. Standard connectivity doesn’t offer it.

7. Internet browsing

If compared, internet browsing on your phone is better than using premium connectivity. This feature isn’t worth paying for.

We have explained all the positive and negative aspects of the features of premium connectivity.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether premium connectivity is worth it or not.

How do I subscribe to premium connectivity?

Once you decide, it’s easy to subscribe to premium connectivity.

You can subscribe to premium connectivity in your vehicle’s touchscreen (if eligible) or the Tesla app.

For subscribing from your vehicle touchscreen: tap “control”  then tap “upgrade” and you will see the option to subscribe, select “swipe to purchase”. If your vehicle is eligible premium connectivity will be available when the vehicle is parked and software updates.

If your vehicle is not eligible, you have to subscribe to the Tesla app.

How much does Tesla’s premium connectivity cost?

Currently, a monthly subscription to premium connectivity costs 9.99$ plus applicable taxes, and an Annual subscription costs 99$ plus applicable taxes.

Difference between standard and premium connectivity

The only difference between standard and premium connectivity is the advanced features offered by premium connectivity.


Finally, I concluded that premium connectivity is worth it. No doubt it’s costly and can ruin your budget but if you can afford it, you must buy it. If you can’t avail of it, don’t worry your Tesla can run smoothly without it.

In this article, I have also discussed all the features that Tesla premium connectivity provides. I have also discussed many other questions that you might have in your mind.

Can I cancel my premium connectivity?

Yes, you can. If you find it unnecessary, you can cancel your subscription at any time. But you cannot receive any refund.

Can I get premium connectivity at no cost?

The only way to get premium connectivity for free is if you have ordered your Tesla on or before June 30, 2018.

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