Does Tesla Come with Jack Pads?

Jack pads are important for your Tesla as they protect the battery as well as the lower body of your Tesla vehicle. Your Tesla vehicle required jack pads because they are so considerably heavier than typical gasoline vehicles.

Tesla does not provide jack pads with your vehicle as a standard element. But you can separately order them if required.

In this article, I will examine the absence of a jack pad from your Tesla vehicle, its reasons, and what to do without jack pads. I will also give you a brief view of how to lift your Tesla vehicle using jack pads.

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Does Tesla Come with Jack Pads?

No, your Tesla doesn’t come with jack pads. Your Tesla vehicles are massive portable computers. If you harmed your lithium-ion batteries which are extremely volatile in any manner it will be dangerous. If you place your jack in the wrong way, it is the most common cause of their destruction.

Therefore, if you buy a Tesla model, no jack is included. Even Tesla does not provide you with a spare tire or any sort of self-inflating equipment.

There are several reasons why Tesla won’t give you jack pads which are stated below:

1. Additional Weight

The weight of your Tesla cars due to inbuilt Li-Ion batteries is between 3500 and 4000 lbs. This is significantly heavier than an equivalent-sized ICE (internal combustion engine) car, which weighs around 3000 lbs (depending on the brand).

Similarly, when you weigh a jack it’s about 2 to 4 pounds, and a spare tire adds another 25 to 30 pounds. That’s why leaving them out will provide additional space in your Tesla car.

Many other electrical car companies are providing a self-inflating kit or may install run-flats. But with Tesla, this is not the case. Despite being advertised in the Tesla shop, a self-inflating kit is sometimes out of stock. But you can acquire them through a third party online or in person.

2. Additional Charge

Tesla focuses more on technology as compared to its finishing. It is commonly observed that the Tesla finish is inferior to that of other companies as a result of rushed production schedules. That’s why even though in 2021, Tesla sold slightly fewer than 1 million cars; and is regarded as a minor car manufacturer.

To cut their cost and increase sales, Tesla vehicles are not providing jack pads with their models. However, if you are on a long drive and your need for a jack is greatest, Tesla won’t abandon you there. They can provide you with Roadside Assist just after one phone call.

3. Conscientiousness

The Tesla Company is providing you with high-voltage batteries and if you are going to jack up your Tesla model your battery is most at risk. Therefore, you should avoid doing it at all costs. Your Tesla car needs special care to jack and doing it in the wrong manner could result in disastrous to your vehicle.

When you are trying to lift your Tesla by using a jack, you should consider several conditions:

●      Your vehicle must be in Jack Mode.

●      Be on a flat surface.

●      Have Jack Pads in particular locations.

According to Tesla, if they do not provide you with jack pads, the possibility of damaging the high voltage is much diminished.

What to do if you do not Have Jack Pads with Your Tesla Vehicle?

If you do not have jack pads with your Tesla, you can easily buy them from a third party or directly from Tesla.

Secondly, if you are in a serious emergency, you can ask Tesla to provide you with Emergency Assistance. You have to follow the below-listed steps to organize Roadside Assistance:

  1. You have to activate the “Tesla app”.
  2. From there pick “Roadside Assist”.
  3. Choose a specific problem you are going through.
  4. Choose “Request Help”.

How to lift your Tesla Vehicle by using Jack Pads?

You have to use your car jack properly to lift your Tesla because Tesla jack points are close to the battery pack. You should keep in your mind that the damage you caused to your Tesla vehicle during lifting is not included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

Let’s learn how you can lift your Tesla:

  1. Every Tesla model consists of four lift points.
  2. Each jack point has three holes.
  3. You have to insert the jack pad into the middle hole to elevate your vehicle.
  4. Your Tesla’s Smart Air Suspension automatically levels itself.
  5. By using the touchscreen, you have to consider the following step to set the suspension parameters:
  • Controls by touch > Suspension
  • Press Pedal for the height maximization of the suspension.
  • To turn off self-leveling, press the brake pedal and then select Controls > Service > Jack Mode.
  1. The charging cable should be unplugged.
  2. In all of the four spaces position the jack pads in each of the four spaces.
  3. Adjust the jack location and height.
  4. Advance the jack.
  5. When you complete all the steps you have to lower the Tesla and take off the jack pads.

What to do to avoid any mishap in the future?

As Tesla does not provide jack pads when your purchase a Tesla vehicle, it’s very necessary to pay attention while lifting or changing the car tires. Following are some recommendations for you:

●      To rotate or lift your tires you might require a jack. That’s why it’s preferably ok to check your Tesla into Tesla Service Center for a tire rotation or lifting appointment.

●      If you want to lift your Tesla tires by yourself, be very mindful of all the jack points.

●      You should have the correct tools to change your Tesla tire.

●      You might have to purchase a jack, jack pads, socket, breaker bar, and wrench while rotating your Tesla tire by yourself.

●      Always make sure that you are in a safe location.

●      The Tesla Company does not provide a warranty for your damaged tires. So, be careful while lifting your Tesla tires. 

Final thoughts

So far, we have discussed does your Tesla come with jack pads. The answer to this question is no. we have also discussed all the probable reasons why Tesla does not provide jack pads. We provide you with an overview of what to do if you have to lift or rotate your Tesla tires.

If you have something to share with us about this topic, feel free to contact us. It would be great to hear back from you.

Do I require Tesla jack pads?

Yes, you need Tesla jack pads to lift or rotate Tesla models. Following are some Tesla models that require jack pads:

  • Model 3
  • Model Y
  • Model S
  • Model X

Is jacking up a Tesla, ok? 

Yes, it’s ok to jack your Tesla but you need more care. You should not lift directly below the battery or side rails. The approved body lift positions are the only places to place the lift arm pads others could harm your Tesla model.

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