Can You Buy A Tesla At A Dealership? (Detailed Answer) 

Tesla is one of the best companies that manufacture electric vehicles. Tesla pays a lot of attention to comforting their users and buyers.

If you have checked all the features that Tesla provides and you are completely satisfied with them and you want to purchase a new Tesla, you would probably be wondering “Can I buy a Tesla at a dealership?” Or “How can I buy a Tesla?” If you were browsing the internet with these questions in mind, you have come to the right place now.

In this article, I will be going to explain if can you buy a Tesla at a dealership and how you can buy a Tesla.

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Can you buy a Tesla at a dealership?

The answer to the question can you buy a Tesla at a dealership is “No, you can’t buy a Tesla at the dealership”.

Now you would probably be thinking if I can’t buy a Tesla why are there so many Tesla dealerships across the country? And how can I buy a Tesla?

Well, the answer to the first question is at their dealerships you can have a look at the car model you want to purchase. You can check its all features and will quality there.

You can also get a test drive of the car you want to purchase. But you need to book the test drive first because Tesla does not provide a lot of cars at the dealerships.

These dealerships have Tesla experts tell you about all the features of their cars and they can even tell you the price.

Why are there no Tesla dealerships?

Almost all of the other auto manufacturers sell their cars through a dealership but not Tesla. Tesla chooses to have service centers, galleries, and stores but not dealerships around the country.

These galleries do not intend to sell you a Tesla rather talk about the specs and features of their Tesla cars. By doing this, it seems like Tesla is putting the old-fashioned dealership style out of the contest.

Tesla didn’t allow to sell the cars at their dealerships because

  • The dealerships make almost no money by selling their cars rather than generating money through regular service. In the case of Tesla which is an electric vehicle, there is almost no regular maintenance to be done like changing oil or transmission maintenance etc.
  • Elon was well aware of the heart chips that are customer facies when he goes to a dealership to buy a car while negotiating the price. At other car dealerships, it takes a few hours to negotiate. So Tesla removed all these hardships by cutting the crap “let me talk to my boss” and “I don’t know where Joe went” etc. and providing you with an online platform to purchase the Tesla.
  • Another reason for Tesla not selling cars is their fixed prices. Selling cars at a fixed price has been done before and it worked very well. A lot of people liked it but some did not.

These are a few points that will explain to you why Tesla doesn’t sell cars at their dealerships.

Now I am going to tell you how you can buy yourself a brand new Tesla.

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How to Buy a Tesla?

Buying a new Tesla is as easy as going to your phone and then going on the website customizing your Tesla according to your preference, putting a deposit down, and then clicking order.

Follow these steps to buy a Tesla,

Step 1: Go Online to Tesla’s Website

You can purchase a Tesla by ordering it through the Tesla website. Here you will have to customize your Tesla according to your preference and lifestyle. Here Tesla provides you with a lot of options to customize your Tesla.

These options include,

1. Model

Tesla provides you with four models which include Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. You can choose any model you want. Every model has different specifications.

2. Top Speed

The top speed that Tesla offers in their vehicles is between 145 – 200 miles per hour depending on the model. 

3. Range

Tesla offers you vehicle options that provide a range between 267 – 405 miles. You can choose your Tesla according to its miles range.

4. Wheel diameter

Tesla provides three options in wheel diameter which include 19 inches, 20 inches, and 21 inches.

5. Color and interior design

The standard color options that Tesla offers are pearl white solid black midnight silver metallic deep blue metallic and red multi-coat/ultra-red. And the standard interior color is back. If you want to choose any other, the price of your Tesla will be increased.

6. Autopilot

You can add an autopilot to your car for $12000. The autopilot enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within the lane.

Remember that you will also need to pay to buy the chargers for your Tesla. The mobile connector used to come with the Tesla but you will need to pay for it.

The wall connector will cost you double as much as the mobile connector and it will also cost you between $750 – $1500 on installation.

 Step 2: Visit a service center

When you have customized your Tesla don’t click on purchase. It is an inexpensive item that you can risk buying without having a look at it and you can return it easily.

The next step is to visit the nearest service center. They also have some cars for people to see and hired some Tesla experts who will give you complete information about the Tesla model you are interested in purchasing.

Check all the specs and features there and also take a test drive of that Tesla model. You will need to schedule the test drive in advance because the company keeps a few cars at every showroom or service center.

Step 3: Buy the Car

After visiting the service center, the next step is to purchase the Tesla. Only purchase the Tesla if you are fully satisfied with its features and quality.

Once you have got the Tesla it will not be easy to return. You will wait for a few months to get your Tesla delivered to you.

Here is a point to note, if you select the performance model rather than normal models, your Tesla will be delivered way faster than that.

In the month of delivery, you will get an email from Tesla. Tesla will try to force you to take the delivery of your car at your door but never accept this offer.

Once you receive the Tesla at your door, the Tesla is all your responsibility now even if it has issues or dents on it or even if the car is not the same one you ordered.

So select to receive the car from the dealership. In this way, you can check your vehicle and fix any issues, and can return it if needed.

How to get Tesla faster?

Everyone hates waiting for their cars and especially for such a car like Tesla. And Tesla gets a lot of orders daily. So it’s very difficult to get Tesla delivered faster. But there are a few ways to get your Tesla faster.

  1. Tesla always gives priority to their loyal customers. If you are Tesla’s loyal customer you can get your new Tesla faster.
  2. You can also get your Tesla a lot faster by going to Tesla’s new inventory site and seeing if there are any vehicles in stock in your area that match your preference.
  3. You can also get your car delivered fast when you will buy the performance versions rather than the normal ones. They might be a little bit expensive but you will get your car delivered fast.

Final thoughts

In short the answer to your question can you buy at the dealership is “NO”. You can only buy through their website.

So far we have answered your question and some other questions that you might have in your mind and explained them in detail like why Tesla doesn’t sell cars at the dealerships and how can you buy a car. We have also told you some ways to get here Tesla delivered fast.

If you have anything to discuss with us regarding this topic, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Can I buy a used Tesla?

Yes, you can buy I used Tesla by visiting the Tesla used inventory page.

Can I trade in my car?

Yes, you can trade in your car like most other dealerships.

Can I get financing?

Yes, Tesla does offer financing or leasing for the vehicles.

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